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NOW BOOKING Heavenly Jade of the Maya  the much anticipated exhibition of recent discoveries in Guatemala!

These extraordinary artifacts have never been viewed outside of Guatemala. Among them is a complete jade headdress from the tomb of a Maya queen which is being restored specifically for this exhibition. We invite you to be one of the venues in this limited international tour!

Jade is known to be the most precious material of the Maya culture. To the Maya jade symbolized the earthly center of the universe and embodied fundamental aspects of nature including water, corn and fertility. The newly excavated artifacts that make up Heavenly Jade of the Maya emphasize the prominent role Maya kings and queens played in the achievements of their advanced civilization.

Your guests will feel the powerful nature of these exceptional objects while learning about one of the most intriguing cultures in history.

Contact EDG today,, to learn more about being the first institution to share these marvelous objects with your museum guests. The exhibition is available as early as 2013.


Jade battle headdress of a Maya Queen
Jade and shell headdress of Maya King
Four jade masks
Nine-foot stone monument depicting a king in battle headdress
Oldest known depiction of a Maya person
Set of 23 figurines portraying royal life

Ten-foot tall reproduction of a temple façade of faces and sculls from a 2.5 millenia-old pyramid
Maya creation myth as depicted by the tree of life
Photographs of key sites, maps, timelines, images of Maya mural art and graphics (context for understanding Maya writing, astronomy and ritual)


3,500 - 5,000 square feet

2013 - 2016

12 weeks

contact our sales team
International +1 202 719 8046
North America +1 651 222 1121

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Complete prehistoric environment consisting of a Triassic period forest
Fossils of rare four-winged dinosaurs and feathered dinosaurs some of which were the first to reveal prehistoric color
Rare casts of feathered dinosaurs and a creature that might be the earliest bird
Life-size dinosaur models created by paleo-artist Gary Staab

Amazing photography by National Geographic photographers
Dynamic artwork by leading Chinese paleo-artist Xing Lida

Minimum 7,500 square feet

Beginning in 2013

3 - 6 month venues


Dinosaurs Take Wing
An Exhibition on the Origin of Flight in Birds

Recently discovered fossils in China reveal how the anatomy necessary for flight in birds evolved in ground-dwelling dinosaurs. Among the new discoveries are four-winged, gliding raptors and tyrannosaurs with long display feathers that lived from 160 to 120 million years ago. Many fossils are in an exquisite state, preserving bone, feathers, skin, even color. Dinosaurs Take Wing will present feathery fossils that have never been exhibited in the U.S. and bring to life ancient creatures using colorful and dynamic models and artwork.

To learn more about this ground-breaking exhibition contact EDG, 651-222-1121 or



French Art of Pochoir
Prints & Designs from Art Nouveau to Art Deco

Pochoir is a labor-intensive process of making stencil prints that incorporated anywhere from 20 to 100 stencils. The colorful prints embodied the new and modern lifestyle in the early 20th century.

Pochoir was mostly popular in France where it was used to introduce trends in fashion, interior and theatre design and to demonstrate the role of color in modern life.

This exhibition will be comprised of 150 to 160 works from multiple lenders and feature the myriad effects of hue, tone and texture.

Moon Tears: The Sacred Art of Silver from the Mapuche of Chile
Collection Domeyko Cassel

EDG joins with Memoria Azul Foundation in Chile to bring this extraordinary exhibition to the U.S. The Sacred Art of Silver from the Mapuche of Chile includes 450 pieces that immerse your guests in an experience that will leave them in awe! Mapuche silverwork was developed in the 16th century  and connected the Mapuche with their gods and ancestors.

Together with these precious pieces of silverwork this exhibition displays Mapuche poems, photographs and videos.

the Arts of Piranesi: architect, etcher, antiquarian, vedutista, designer opened April 25 in Madrid at CaixaForum.

Jean-Louis Etienne will begin a lecture tour with the help of the French Embassy of the U.S. in collaboartion with EDG.  He will speak of the experiences he endured while exploring the most treacherous of terrains in both polar regions, in the Himalayas and also his time spent on the Arctic Ocean. Contact EDG for more information about this rare opportunity!

For more information about all of the exhibitions EDG has to offer contact or 651-222-1121.

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French Art of Pochoir
Prints & Designs from Art Nouveau to Art Deco

Moon Tears: The Sacred Art of Silver from the Mapuche of Chile
Collection Domeyko Cassel

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