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International Diabetes Federation

A campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation

Take a Step for Diabetes - 155 million steps and counting

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Activity on the World Diabetes Day Take a Step for Diabetes platform continues to gain momentum with the target of 371 million steps getting closer every day. Over 155 million steps have been submitted so far. Here are the top 10 individuals and groups:

Top 10 Groups Top 10 Individuals
1. ADINA Peru 1. Gina Bazan (Peru)
2. Liga Peruana de Diabetes 2. Rafael Medardo (Peru)
3. N.A.DIA (Argentina) 3. Eumelio César (USA)
4. CUI.DAR (Argentina) 4. Cath (Peru)
5. Serdiabetico (Argentina) 5. Marcelo (Chile)
6. Asociación de Diabeticos del Uruguay 6. Fred (France)
7. Diabetes SA (Australia) 7. Rosa Maria (Mexico)
8. Federación Mexicana de Diabetes 8. Edgar (Mexico)
9. Federación Argentina de Diabetes 9. Edgard (Venezuela)
10. Fundación Diabetes Uruguay 10. Jonathan (Mexico)

Visit to see all the activities submitted by over 300 individuals and groups from all over the world. Help us reach the target by registering your own account and taking a step for diabetes today. Our next milestone is 186 million steps.

Your support in helping us reach the target will result in IDF sending an open letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on behalf of the global diabetes community, reiterating the importance of keeping the global commitments on diabetes made during the 2011 United Nations High Level Meeting on NCDs high on the global health agenda.

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Top 10 steps to help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes

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This month the World Diabetes Day Facebook page is highlighting the different steps that people are taking to help reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes. Here are the top 10 steps that we’ve received:

  • Eat a balanced diet with not too much sugar, fat and salt. Drink water and do a physical activity like walking for at least 30mins.
  • I avoid defined flour products and refined sugar
  • Eat meals in moderation and make sure they’re balanced
  • Brisk walking for 30 minutes every day
  • Lose weight and eat healthier
  • Dance out diabetes with hip hop classes!
  • Eat 5 portions of vegetables a day
  • Keep your blood glucose and cholesterol under control with regular check-ups and educate yourself about diabetes, its symptoms and consequences
  • Avoid watching television during meals

Read about the risk factors for type 2 diabetes and how to reduce your risk in our World Diabetes Day toolkit.

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Share your World Diabetes Day activity with us

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With 14 November less than 100 days away, it's time to start sharing your planned and confirmed activities with us. Here are some highlights of what we've received so far:

  • In Mexico, Mexico City will be marking World Diabetes Day in a special way with the first ‘Todo en Diabetes’ parade on 10 November. The event, which will take place in the well-known Paseo de la Reforma, will involve patient organizations, health specialists, private companies, the local and federal health government and the general public. Supported by the Federación Mexicana de Diabetes (FMD, Mexican Diabetes Federation), the aims of the parade are to raise public awareness of diabetes prevention, early diagnosis and optimal treatment, and draw attention to the importance of diabetes at the national and international level. The parade will culminate with the lighting in blue of the iconic 'Angel of Independence' monument.
  • In New York, USA, Divabetic will present ‘The Plate Poetry Project’ on 14 November, exploring the emotional eating issues of people living with diabetes. The programme’s goal is to provide a forum to address an important but often unaddressed component of diabetes self-management. It will feature Susan McCaslin’s interactive diabetes art installation ‘Plate Poetry Project’ and daily interactive lunchtime diabetes symposiums with healthcare providers, medical students, patients and poets.
  • In Rio Cuarto, Argentina, the association N.A.dia has launched the Blue Photographic Crusade, asking its community to send in pictures of people wearing blue with the aim of raising awareness of the diabetes symbol and reaching out to their international followers on Facebook and Twitter. A collage will be created with all the pictures received.

If you have a confirmed World Diabetes Activity, please submit it online and we will feature it on our global events map.

Whatever you are planning, make sure to include the key messages of the 2013 campaign.

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Champion spotlight: Jaime, mi Dulce Guerrero

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World Diabetes Day champions are organisations and initiatives that show their support for the campaign by organizing activities that align with the campaign goals and promote World Diabetes Day to the public and media, or promote government action for change.

Our latest Champion is Jaime, mi Dulce Guerrero (Jaime, My Sweet Warrior), a blog created and run by Mila Ferrer, the mother of three children, one of which, Jaime, has type 1 diabetes. Every day through her blog, Mila shares her personal experiences of raising a child with diabetes and tries to educate families about the condition, showing how you can live a normal life and providing information on the causes and complications and how to prevent them. She feels a great sense of responsibility towards her children and the Puerto Rican community in her area and her work is worthy of admiration and respect.

“World Diabetes Day encourages us all to share our experiences, support each other and understand that we must take control of our diabetes. We must work together so that everybody knows the importance of the day for the diabetes community. Thanks to the discovery of Frederick Banting, today my son and millions of people with diabetes can reach their dreams and goals,” said Mila.

Follow Mila's blog.

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Hero of the month: Sarah Rubia Nunes Baptista

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This month World Diabetes Day Hero is Sarah Rubia Nunes Baptista from Brazil, mother of a 7 year-old boy with type 1 diabetes. Following the initial shock of her son's diagnosis, Sarah started her own blog - "Eu, meu filho e o Diabetes" (Me, My son and Diabetes) - through which she was able to meet many other families of children with diabetes in the country. Together they support each other and organise meetings and events to promote the rights of children living with the disease, especially those that have difficulties accessing the care and supplies that they require to manage their diabetes effectively. Sarah's blog and Facebook page provide valuable forums to exchange information and share experiences to improve the quality of life of children with diabetes in Brazil.

Read her full story and those of our other heroes.

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News in brief

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Pin a Personality: Our Pin a Personality Gallery features new personalities from Argentina, China, El Salvador, Serbia, Spain and the UK. Please continue to send your pictures to or post them on our Facebook page. If you want to join the campaign, you can request your pins online.

Campaign posters: available for electronic download in 13 languages and in print in English, French and Spanish. Send in your request before October 1 to ensure prompt delivery.

Infographics: a selection of visuals explaining diabetes, its signs and symptoms, risk factors and how to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Blue Monument Challenge: here are the latest global monuments and buildings to confirm that they will be going blue this November:

  • Plaza Mayor, Torreón, Mexico
  • Palacio Municipal, Rio Cuarto, Argentina
  • Iglesia Catedral, Rio Cuarto, Argentina
  • Plaza central, Rio Cuarto, Argentina
  • Puente colgante, Rio Cuarto, Argentina
  • Acceso norte a Rio Cuarto, Argentina
  • Acceso sur a Rio Cuarto, Argentina

If you have a confirmed lighting, please share it with us by submitting it online.

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