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Whiskey Business

We all klicked our glasses together when we found out we'd be working with Woodford Reserve at the Polo in the City in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth this year.

One thing we can never guarantee is the weather, but the rain didn't dampen any spirits at the Sydney event. Guests at Woodford Reserve's sweeping, wisteria-covered pavilion included: Sally Obermeder, Edwina Bartholomew, Neale Whitaker, James Tobin, Adam Williams, Damien Woolnough and of course Kris Smith.

We'll toast to that.

Daniel and Andrew Essey dressed to impress in the Woodford Reserve Pavilion

Nikki Phillips and Laura Csortan enjoying the atmosphere at the polo

Michelle Lush and Kris Smith toast the day with Woodford Reserve

It's Yoga, Toga Style

If you're anything like us, checking into a hotel means non-stop room service and exercise goes out the window. It's time to work for your room service with our friends at Vibe Hotels who have just launched a summer fitness package called Stay in Shape with Vibe.

The package includes overnight accommodation, breakfast from Vibe's Fit Food menu, a VibeFit drink bottle, an exclusive Vibe yoga DVD, a Vibe Fitness Guide demonstrating local running tracks and unlimited access to pool and gym facilities.  Along with this, Vibe have launched a dedicated in-room yoga channel so you can practice your downward dog in the comfort of your own room using one of Vibe's yoga mats.

Like the sound of this?  Click here to book

Teenage Dream

Forget 'are we there yet'? For Australian teens circa now, it's more like 'are we connected yet'?
New research by Marriott Australia has found that the majority of Aussie teens rate Wi-Fi over surfing actual waves, with the average teen clocking up three hours a day online during their family holiday.
The research was unveiled during an exciting Sydney round table and media breakfast last week where Marriott's eight teen concierges came together from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. They looked up from their smartphones long enough to share stories on being part of Marriott Australia's world-first This City My Way teen concierge program and also snapped a few selfless and shared a few LOLs along the way.
The rooftop shoot was apparently 'awesome'. We thought so too.

For more, check out: This City My Way or follow the teens on Instagram: @thiscitymyway

In The Know

Snapchat cemented itself long ago as a front runner in the world of social media apps. Did you know that 70% of the app's users are female, with a whopping 400 million "snaps" being sent each day! Watch out Facebook!

The 21st century: the era of the selfie. Did you know that the earliest usage of the word can be traced back as far as 2002 in an Australian online forum. Like it or loathe it the Oxford Dictionary has dubbed it word of the year!

Spotify's most streamed songs of 2013 have been released with Daft Punks 'Get Lucky' number one in Australia. Worldwide over 4.5 billion hours and 50,000 years worth of music were listened to via Spotify alone this year.

The worlds first digital surfing channel called My Surf TV is going to be produced in Australia. Brand New Media has joined up with Surfing Australia to ensure that high-quality, real time content will be available across all connected devices. Hang ten!

We've moved!

In case you haven't heard the news, Klick HQ has moved.

After an awesome 4 years at Mary Street we said our goodbyes and headed north to our new digs. We can't wait to have you over for a catch up in one of our meeting rooms. You can now find us at:

Level 2, 397 Riley Street, Surry Hills

See you soon.