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How do you make a level-headed political scientist lose her cool? By making sweeping generalisations about what ‘typical Queensland voters’ care about.

This week we held the Queensland launch of The Conversation’s book of essays, Advancing Australia: Ideas for a Better Country, at Avid Reader bookshop in Brisbane. It was a sold out event, featuring Griffith University’s Dean of Engagement Anne Tiernan, Indigenous academic lawyer Eddie Synot, and a crowd of thoughtful Conversationalists.

For everyone else who couldn’t make it, if you’re interested in the Queensland seats to watch on election night, how to give Indigenous Australians a true voice in politics, how to improve trust in our political system, and much more – here’s a podcast for your weekend.

Liz Minchin

Executive Editor

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Today we’re asking: what Queensland seats are the ones to watch on election night? How to give Indigenous Australians a true voice in politics? And how can we improve trust in the political system? Shutterstock

The myth of ‘the Queensland voter’, Australia’s trust deficit, and the path to Indigenous recognition

Sunanda Creagh, The Conversation; Liz Minchin, The Conversation

Today, an election-themed episode about some of the biggest policy questions Australia faces, featuring Indigenous academic lawyer Eddie Synot and political scientist Anne Tiernan.

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    Jozo Grgic, Victoria University; Brad Schoenfeld, City University of New York; Craig Pickering, University of Central Lancashire; David Bishop, Victoria University; Pavle Mikulic; Željko Pedišić, Victoria University

    Many people drink coffee for that extra bit of energy to go about their day. As well as sharpening our minds, there's evidence caffeine can give us a physical boost, too.

  • When’s the best time to get your flu shot?

    Ian Barr, WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza

    Protection wanes after four or five months, so for most people, it makes sense to get a flu shot in mid to late May or early June so you're protected when the flu season peaks in August or September.

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