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In the know

  • The Tinder-style interface has been dominating app innovation in 2014, and we're pretty keen on its latest iteration: Newsly Hack, the app bringing you article cards based on your preferences.
  • We're all used to hearing "What is the new Facebook?", and while we're not ready to break up with Facey just yet, new kid Ello is putting up its hand. This social network is finding fame through the claim that it will always be ad-free...  It's still in Beta so let us know if you'd like an invite to join.
  • Standing is the new sitting. A few Klicksters are on a mission to defuse the ticking time bomb of desk-jobs and have tried the portable standing desk. We give it the thumbs up.
  • Instagram Ads should now start to appear in your insta-main feed. Haven't noticed? These ads are being designed to "look similar" to other posts, staying true to the instagram experience. 


All aboard the Mudgee Smuggler

Rebrand a bus the ‘Mudgee Smuggler’, load it up with 11 of Australia’s top bloggers and journalists and send it out to the Mudgee Region for a long weekend of wining, dining and bespoke events. That was Klick’s tactic and it went down a treat last weekend, as two of our Klicksters played host for a three-day country jaunt.

Just a 3.5 hour road trip from Sydney, the Mudgee Region turned it on for our guests, with plenty of friendly faces, incredible produce and of course, flowing wine.

Here you can see the gang enjoying an outdoor cinema ‘mini-Mudfest’. For more snaps of our Mudgee Smuggler journey, check out Mudgee Region’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

One love at the NRL's One Community Awards

Last month we got inspired by some truly awesome folks while working on the NRL One Community Awards.

The feel-good night of the Rugby League year, the awards celebrate the unsung heroes of the National Rugby League who dedicate their time to promoting the strong values of the game within communities. From NRL stars, to volunteers, members of the games administration and officials, the celebrations are the chance to shine to spotlight on those members of the Rugby League community who are the heart and soul of the game.

We were lucky enough to share the stories of these truly awesome people who make the magic happen on and off the field, as well as attend the awards on the night.

One community, one love!

It's farshun darling!

Last week we had the pleasure of creating a fashionable spin on a traditional celebrity meet and greet for our friends at NBC Universal. Introducing to you Style Mob: replacing autographs with selfies ahead of Style's new series, Fashion Bloggers.

The Klicksters put their best Jimmy Choo forward at Westfield Sydney for the stars of the new global TV series, which follows the chic Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox, Kate Waterhouse of her eponymous platform, Shine By Three's Margaret Zhang, Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley and Zanita Whittington of Zanita.

If you missed out on meeting and snapping your favourite blogger, you can still catch Fashion Bloggers on Style (Foxtel) every Wednesday at 8:30pm.

Get to know our Messina Queen - Victoria

  • Knows a pirouette from a plié, with ten years dance experience under her belt.
  • A fear of pigeons due to a school trip related incident… Don’t ask, she still gets flashbacks!
  • Was once triple jump district champion.
  • Total geek (and proud!). Give her some statistics and she’ll be happy for hours.
  • Since moving across the world from the UK has developed a serious Ice Cream addiction - an intervention may be needed.