Happy Holidays Fotobabblers!

Fotobabble has something for everyone this holiday season! When you send a Talking Photo holiday card, your voice and photo will bring a smile to your friends and family.

From our Facebook Page or website, you can upload a photo, record your voice, and share it via email, Facebook, or Twitter. And if you’re mobile, Fotobabble makes it easy to create and share talking e-greetings from an iPhone or iPad. To express your holiday joy:

  • Gather your family and friends around the computer (or iPhone) to send warm wishes to faraway loved ones.
  • Upload your photo and record the top five items on your list for Santa Claus (kids of all ages can submit!) Next, share the Fotobabble with all the “Santas” in your life.
  • Sing part of your favorite Christmas carol or play a tune for a “singing telegram” Fotobabble.
  • Choose a photo from the “ugly sweater party” or holiday bash and send a fun thank-you to your host.
  • Record kids’ Christmas-morning excitement to use for digital, talking thank you cards.


Do you have another great idea? Tweet it @Fotobabble or email us at info@fotobabble.com.

Brands, Businesses and Nonprofits: Give Your Customers the Gift of Voice, Too!

If you’re a brand, business or nonprofit, Fotobabble Social Marketing Suite lets your customers create and send Talking Photo holiday cards directly from your Facebook Fan Page! The benefit to you: more Facebook likes and user interactions.

Why not invite fans to create talking wish lists for Santa using your Fotobabble app for Facebook? Or ring in the New Year with Fotobabble and customers to share their resolutions with Talking Photos?

The Fotobabble Social Marketing Suite keeps on giving year round. Use it for winter holiday promotions now, and other seasonal (Valentine’s Day!) and non-seasonal promotions later.

Email us at sales@fotobabble.com to learn more about the Fotobabble Social Marketing Suite for your brand or organization.

EA Play Ultimate Family Holiday Sweeps

Enter to win an awesome Holiday prize pack from EA Play and Electronic Arts! Just visit their fan page, enter a photo of you and your family, and record what family means to you this holiday season!


Awesome new Fotobabble Facebook Fan Page App features!

If you’re a Facebook Fan Page Administrator, you can now:

  • Create a custom landing page for the Fotobabble Fan Page App. We’ve always had a “like-gating” page — check out the Sacramento Kings’ Talking “like-gating” page — and now you can present a landing page to your fans who already like you.
  • Now add audio from an external source to your photo. Upload or specify a URL to an MP3 file. It’s as easy as a song.

Check out who is using Fotobabble’s Facebook Fan Page App!

Fotobabble for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod!

Download the free Fotobabble App now at iTunes!


If you want to use Fotobabble on your Facebook Fan Page, to attract friends and fans, or are interested in how you can use our web and mobile apps, please email us at  sales@fotobabble.com for further information.

And if you ever have any issues or suggestions, please email us at support@fotobabble.com so we can help make Fotobabble a better experience!

The Fotobabble Team

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