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Eastern Kentucky Floods - Situation Report #2: August 4, 2022

Please watch this update from the field by our Disaster Services Director, Joey Stoltzfus.

Hope Force International is responding to the devastating floods that struck eastern Kentucky just over a week ago.  We are currently working in Hazard, KY and surrounding areas.  These communities have been overwhelmed with loss of property and tragic loss of life. Our hearts ache as we listen to the incredible stories of survival...as well as loss. 

Hundreds of homes have been impacted  many flooded beyond repair  and many of which have significant mud inside and will need to be "mucked out."  By joining our teams, you will be helping survivors begin the healing process and inspire hope through your compassionate action. You will remind them that they are not alone and that someone cares. 

Would you please consider joining us in eastern Kentucky?  Volunteers are needed, starting Monday, August 8th.  PLEASE NOTE:  We are now able to receive non-trained volunteers.  If you are able to respond, please contact deployment@hopeforce.org

If you can't go, please pray and consider giving toward these efforts.