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Casse -
Aboriginal Program Update

'RECONCILIATION AUSTRALIA: Psychological Perspectives', a public forum hosted by CASSE with the aim of generating a new, psychological dialogue about reconciliation in Australia, was held in Melbourne on Saturday 7 September and enjoyed a great turnout.

The response to the internationally-renowned panel of speakers, and to the challenging subject matter and discussions, was overwhlemingly positive. Comments included:

"A fascinating diversity of world-class, internationally respected intellects/practitioners" 

"A thoughtful, intelligent and soundly based opportunity to reflect on dimensions of a challenging, important process for us all in this country." 


Some of the highlights:

Lord John Alderdice - "Culture is to community what personality is to the indivdual."

Professor Marcia Langton - "Reconciliation hasn't done its job until we can deal frankly, openly and honestly with injustices."

Professor Stuart Twemlow - "The fighting spirit has to come out... The spirit that says, 'this can't go on'. Let's start fighting in a constructive way that may set the scene for later reconciliation." 

Professor Ian Anderson - "One of the more challenging emotional and psychological projects within the broader reconciliation project is how we might find a true connection and forgiveness within our families with our white relatives."

John Liddle and Des Rogers on CASSE's partnership with the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress: 

John Liddle - "We try to get across that violence is a bad thing. There are other ways. We can be respectful and loving of each other."

Des Rogers - "We've done a lot of talk. Now it is time for action."

And the biggest surprise of the day? The reunion between Lord Alderdice and Aaron Paterson, whose shared ancestor was John King, the sole survivor of the Burke and Wills Expedition.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in this important event. We look forward to building on the foundations laid during this publc forum.

Peaceful Schools Update
CASSE Student Day

It's been a busy few months for CASSE's Peaceful Schools Program, with Primary and Secondary School Student Days and Conflict Resolution Workshops for schools involved with CASSE's Pilot Program. 

CASSE also introduced an annual 'Nelson Mandela Award' for excellence in CASSE Student Leadership. The inaugural award was presented to Teresa, a Year 11 student from St Joseph's College, Echuca, for her courageous speech at the Student Day and at her school assembly about her transformation from bully to upstander.

An Information Session for prospective schools about CASSE's 2014 Peaceful Schools Program (PSP) will be offered later this term.

CASSE's PSP clinical team comprises highly skilled Child Adolescent Psychotherapists who have extensive experience working on site with leadership, teachers and student welfare staff to manage and treat students and parents presenting with complex mental health and protective issues.

We are also delighted to announce:

  1. our new online course in COUNSELLING & MANAGEMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH & PROTECTIVE ISSUES FOR EDUCATORS to commence in Term 1, 2014.
  2. Educating for Change PD Program Clinical Supervision Critical Incident Debriefing Consultancy Services for Leadership - you will explore and develop an insightful and analytic understanding that informs managing conditions and scenarios that create unrest, dysfunction and threaten safety.

For more information contact Carolyn Aston, CASSE's Schools Program Director, phone 0417 328 648, email

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October 2013
Issue #4
Aboriginal Program Update
Peaceful Schools Update
Connecting with CASSE
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