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July 2011 Newsletter

We have a lot to cover this month, including the launch of our new website, the release of NBN’s 2011 Q1 success rates for SMTs and B-roll, and new co-ops with Family Circle, Star Magazine and Meredith’s 

We’re also featuring standout projects for Xbox, IBM, and the Shape Magazine Summer Beauty Essentials co-op tour.

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NBN's new website


We are happy to announce the launch of our new website. The site gives visitors an in-depth look at the company and our array of services, and demonstrates the extent to which web distribution, new media and social sharing have been incorporated into NBN’s core production and distribution services (for an example of this, skip down to the Microsoft Xbox project).

We hope you’ll take a moment to check out the new site.


Explore & get 5% off your next project


Explore the new site to find the answers to the questions below-answer all three correctly and receive 5% off your next project!

NBN was founded in what year?
a) 1988
b) 1978
c) 1968

In Q1 2011, what percent of NBN b-roll packages earned 10 million or more impressions?
a) 30%
b) 40%
c) 50%

NBN’s is one of only two PR industry sites that offers what?
a) Search engine optimization with two SEO fields
b) Broadcast quality video that can be quickly and easily downloaded by stations
c) Rebecca Black’s Friday video in 3-D

Please email  us your answers by August 5th. The discount applies to any project, including co-ops, SMTs, and media buys, billed by August 31st.

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Q1 2011 success rates


NBN’s Q1 2011 SMT and B-roll success rates are on pace to reach an all time high.

Of the 27 satellite media tours executed in the first quarter of 2011, 87% exceeded 500K earned TV impressions, and 70% yielded over 1.5 million earned TV impressions. 

And the good news extends to B-roll distribution, with 80% of NBN-distributed B-roll achieved at least 1 million or more earned TV impressions, and 60% over 5 million.

The truly astounding stat is the number of B-roll projects that exceeded 10 million or more earned TV impressions... More


Noteworthy projects


We've been hard at work supporting our clients' broadcast and new media outreach -- here are three terrific projects from June. 


Microsoft Xbox


Once again this year, NBN worked with Microsoft to produce and distribute footage of their events at E3. Microsoft kicked off the convention with the announcement of their newest voice search technology using the power of Bing on Kinect for Xbox 360. 

NBN assisted in building, scoping and testing two on-site Final Cut edit suites, and provided production services, including camera crews and editors, for two quick-turnaround b-roll releases. We also oversaw international distribution via Reuters to 112 countries, and executed an SMT with Xbox Ambassador Molly O’Donnell.

The videos were also posted to a custom EPK in broadcast quality formats, including PAL, for the international media.

Within hours of going live, the EPK had thousands of views and video downloads.


IBM turns 100


It's rare to last 100 years in any business, but to last 100 years in the technology business is nearly impossible. IBM officially pulled off the impossible on June 16th when the company celebrated its 100th birthday.

NBN distributed a B-roll package chronicling 100 years of break-through innovations, from the creation of the Social Security System and putting a man on the moon, to Watson, the super computer that won Jeopardy! 

NBN’s media relations team pitched the story to newsrooms and specialty editors, and ensured stations had everything they needed to produce a great story. The video package made several domestic and international newsfeeds, and was featured on newscasts in nearly every US market.

The EPK, which contained the campaign assets, was heavily trafficked by the media, achieving nearly one thousand views and video downloads.


Shape Magazine co-op SMT


Last month’s Summer Beauty Essentials SMT is a shining example of the strength of NBN’s editorially driven co-ops.

Shape Magazine’s Beauty Director Ellen Miller shared her insight on the top trends and best buys for feeling and looking beautiful all summer long.

The tour received great broadcast buzz, and the EPK was shared heavily on Twitter.  The effort delivered 25 interviews and over 850 TV and radio broadcasts, for a total of 6.7 million impressions.


Co-op SMT opportunities


 The following co-op tours are available now. Please note that blue titles link to additional information.

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Must-haves and tips for heading back to class

Back to School Nutrition with Meredith’s new
Budget-friendly meals and healthy living tips for back to school

Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends with Star Magazine
The hottest fall fashion trends, with tips to make them work for you!

Tailgating Season with DIY’s Jeanne Benedict
Necessary items to make this tailgating season your best ever!

Get Halloween Ready with HGTV's Eric Stromer & Cindy Dole
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