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June Bulletin - Does Family History Matter?

Does Family History Matter?

Dear Reader,

We've been pondering the question, does family History matter? at Pharos Tutors. 

From an immediate, medical perspective its easy to justify why an understanding of your nearest generations and their medical conditions could be important. 

But what about those of us researching our family roots going back generations, hundreds of years? Does it matter? Or is it nothing more than idle curiosity? A mere narcisstic fascination with our own lives that drives us forward?

If genealogical research does matter then perhaps its because it teaches us how incredibly resilient we are at overcoming adversity. Each of us is the result of thousands of years of procreation and survival against migrations, invasions, plagues, persecution, wars, natural disasters and man-made menaces.

We know that extensive research into our roots can trigger a deeply emotional response, which include feelings of both pride and shame. But it also shows us how interconnected we are to one another and this knowledge of a common heritage could inspire tolerance and understanding among groups that are more closely related than anyone ever admits.

We think that matters.

Pam Sinclair Joins Pharos Tutors

Pam Sinclair Joins Pharos Tutors

We are delighted to welcome Pam Sinclair to Pharos Tutors.  Pam is taking over from Cindy Ashe as Course Administrator.  As Pam will be managing course bookings, setting up forums and chatrooms and providing technical help to students and tutors, I am sure you will be hearing from her at some point soon.

Discover Over 450,000 New Parish Records

FindMyPast.co.uk has added over 450,000 new parish records

Great news for family historians researching UK roots. FindMyPast.co.uk has added over 450,000 new parish baptism, marriage and burial records to their vast archives.

Spanning Suffolk, Wiltshire, Sheffield, Ryedale, Northumberland and Durham, the records span the period 1538-2009 making it easier than ever to expand your knowledge of your ancestors' lives.

This latest update, which is in association with various family history societies, marks the latest update to their parish records collection, which contains millions of records from all over the country.

FHSS Graduation Party

We are very excited to announce that our FHSS Certificate Graduation Party will be taking place on the 19th July at the Society of Genealogists in London.

For those of you waiting to hear about your final results, we will be contacting you all soon!

This year we have two special graduating students - a mother and daughter team of family historians - Sue Green (mum) and Kate Aberdein (daughter). What a great story!

We send all of our graduating students our congratulations!

Pharos is Moving

Pharos Tutors is Moving

And finally it's all change at Pharos Tutors.  We are relocating to Eastbourne, East Sussex, the sunniest place in England. The sea air and views of the Sussex Downs, will be a welcome change from London. We will inform you of our new address and contact details very soon.

That's all for this month!

Pharos Tutors