First Edition, 19/02/2016

ProSUM project

The ProSUM Project aims to provide an EU information Network and an inventory of secondary raw materials, particularly critical raw materials, arising in WEEE, ELVs, waste batteries and mining wastes. This inventory will support industry, researchers and policy makers in their decision making processes. The project intends to contribute to  the EU European Innovation Partnership’s Strategic Implementation Plan by building an EU raw materials knowledge base.

Join the ProSUM Information Network and spread the word!

Through the creation of the Information Network a wide range of stakeholders are being engaged along the value chain.  This Network will share best practices, benchmarks and opportunities for greater harmonisation and cooperation regarding data on WEEE, batteries, ELVs and mining wastes. So far 140 organisations have joined.  If you wish to access and/or provide data to the project, please join the IN! Help us improve the IN by spreading the word in your networks!

The EU-Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform

The existing EU Minerals Knowledge Data Platform (EU-MKDP) aims to give simplified, user friendly and efficient access to all available and new data on mineral resource stocks and flows in the EU. The EU-UMKDP will complete the picture with the inclusion of data on secondary sources of raw materials from “urban mines”. The result will be seamless access to data on resources from extraction to end-of-life products with the ability to reference all spatial and non-spatial data.  This knowledge will provide the foundation for improving Europe’s position on raw material supply.


ProSUM Project Objectives

  • Coordinate with a wide range of organisations involved in the four product and waste groups to enhance access to and dissemination of current and future CRM data in view of improving the knowledge base on CRMs in secondary sources along the value chain.
  • Collect, describe and compile currently available data and trends for CRMs in products and component, stocks and waste arisings for the four waste groups.
  • Collate and harmonise existing data and to develop a sampling strategy to expand modelling of historic and future stocks and flows to feed the inventory of the four waste groups.
  • Construct the EU-UMKDP as the Inventory and Portal  providing state-of-the-art data for the four waste groups, compatible with the data being collated on primary raw materials by the Minerals Knowledge Data Platform (EU-MKDP), including development of new data models.
  • Communicate and disseminate results and recommendations via the Information Network to support full access to CRM information along the value chain and to improve coordination between network partners to support future CRM data availability.

ProSUM workshop at the International Electronics Recycling Congress

A Workshop to learn about end users requirements and data availability was organized on 19th January in Salzburg. Input from participants will help us design a user-oriented data platform . We will keep you posted on future ProSUM workshops!

ProSUM at the Smart Ground Consortium meeting 

ProSUM is aiming to work with other EU funded projects to improve the knowledge base and harmonise data.  The WEEE Forum were invited by ENCO, the SMARTGROUND project coordinator, to a collaborative workshop to identify opportunities to work together. Learn more about Smart Ground.

EASME Boosting Synergies

The WEEE Forum participated in the recent EASME Kick-off and Networking meeting “Boosting Synergies on EU Waste Research and Innovation Projects” on the 8th December.  As a result of this meeting we will set up a Special Interest Group to work with other projects looking to characterise the urban mine.  If you are part of an EU funded project and want to participate, get in touch. 


Upcoming events:

- Sensor-Based Sorting & Control event, 23-24 February 2016, Aachen, Germany. More info here.

- Demonstration of RECLAIM pilot plant to recover Indium and Gallium from Flat Panel Displays and CIGS PV modules, 2 June  2016 at Apparec´s facility in Tisselt, Belgium. More info here. 

-Circular Minerals Conference, 11-12 May 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden. More info here.