Pushing through even if chances seem grim
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“Going with the flow is the antithesis of having an impact.”

—Henrik Joreteg
Illustration by Lynn Fisher

Going against the current

Countless times within our lifetime we struggle with crippling doubt whether to pursue our ideas, smaller or bigger. Hestitation and impostor syndrome are present even when potential opportunities don’t present significant chances of failure.

As we look at running an experimental event like &yetConf, it was a tremendous risk to take—logistically and financially challenging for a small consultancy like us. But we strongly believed in its mission as well as the potential impact, and by pouring our hearts and effort in, it ended up being exactly the connection enabling and throught provoking environment we’ve wanted to foster.

We tend to forget that the lessons from failure are invaluable. Pursuing challenging goals, often while being discouraged to push forwards by others, is essential for growth or potentially achieving our objectives. Sometimes the things we fear the most are worth pursuing the most. I’d say, do it anyway.

Do it anyway

by Sara Benincasa

A bluntly honest pledge to show up, try, fail and not be descouraged by the lack of success. Drawing from her experiences, Sara highlights the importance of finding the motivation to courageously power through fear of doing something new.

Strategies for learning from failure

by Amy Edmondson

As statistically we certainly fail more times than we succeed in our endeavors, especially when adamantly going against the current, we need to learn how to make use of our fiascos. Amy teaches us how to detect, analyze and design successful failures.

You’re gonna make it

by Cap Watkins

“You’re gonna make it, I know you are… You’re gonna make it.”—how many times we wish we had more people who truly believe in us? Cap shares an excerpt from a great talk by Jim Valvano on succeeding against the odds.

What we’re working on

  • We’ve launched a new, shiny CLI for requireSafe—now it’s even easier to find possible vulnerabilities in your projects. Go ahead and discover new features!
  • requireSafe is also now available as a static analysis tool on CodeClimate! Read about the partnership on ^lifts blog.


What was something that you’ve done despite high chances of failure and how did it turn out in the end? Let us know and we might share it in a future dispatch (just reply to this email).

<3, your friendly neighborhood &yetis