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Basketball Club International News

BCI Edge News: Trip to India May 3-5

As part of the BCI Leads initiative, we are sending three BCI Edge players to join all of the top pros in India at the 2nd annual Mastan YMCA All-Star Weekend in Mumbai. The players will be excellent representatives for the United States and for BCI! We will follow the events from May 3-5 on our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter. Don’t want to miss a beat? Visit BCIEdge.org for links to our feeds!

BCI Leads is Basketball Club International’s public outreach initiative, providing opportunities for community service and meaningful interaction including hands-on events with fans, kids, and peers. Through the BCI Leads programs, professional players – who are also followers of Jesus – work to build a global community of positive social and professional influence based on integrity and accountability. Led by our faith, BCI Leads by example.

Basketball Plus Camp: Denver June 13-14

BCI is excited to announce our upcoming BCI Basketball Plus Camp, June 13-14, which will serve urban youth associated with Colorado Uplift. Colorado Uplift’s mission to build long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth works well with our mission to change the cycle of pro basketball influence that impacts these kids’ lives. Please consider supporting Basketball Plus Camps with a donation at BCIEdge.org/Contribute. If you’d like to volunteer at the event, on or off the court, please contact us.

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Thank you for your support of BCI. BCI Loop and our youth outreach programs depend on the generous spirit of individuals like you. To make a contribution, please visit BCIEdge.org.