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June - Enjoy the summer sun!



This Month's News & Notes...

  Summer Camp Registration is Live!

Our annual Summer Leadership Camp is back and better than ever! This weeklong leadership training program is a can’t miss opportunity for our young student leaders. Over 500 students from across Michigan come together to learn new skills, abilities and lessons, all engineered to hold a lasting impact in their development. For full details, click here!

  More Camp Scholarships Available!

Make sure to tell your student leaders about our Camp Scholarship opportunities. There are two more scholarships options available to attend our powerful Summer Leadership Camp. For more information, check them both out here!

  Get Your Discounted Membership Today!

Make sure to renew your membership for the 2018-19 school year to lock in the discounted price! For just $100 you'll continue receiving monthly resources, activities, curricular lessons, checklists and so much more! Click the link below and renew at a discounted rate today! (Discount ends July 27.) Click here to renew or watch for the form in your school mailbox.

  Shaun Derek: Now Booking Back to School Presentations

Now more than ever, young people have the power to change the world... And it's literally at their fingertips. But with great power comes great responsibility. In this timely presentation, Shaun Derik recounts his most troublesome years in grade school and how feeling "small" had a big and negative impact on his confidence, decision-making and how he treated others.

Through music, comedy and movement Derik will discuss how locating your "inner giant" will give you strength to be bigger than your circumstances, build your confidence and connect with those who are healthy for your future.

From addressing the pressures of casual drug use to the stresses of performing in school, Small World, BIG YOU is high octane, humorous and will equip your young people with the tools necessary for your students to become agents of change in their homes, schools, and communities. Click here to learn more about bringing Derek into your school.

  EdCon 2018

MASSP’s annual conference is the premier secondary educational event in Michigan. The three-day conference includes nationally renowned keynote speakers and breakout sessions on current topics relevant to the building leader. Click here for more information.

  What To Do With Aggressive Parents and Others?

Sometimes it feels like everyone's a critic. Whether there's an aggressive parent or an internal personnel issue, an administrator's job carries a unique set of challenges. But when the problem becomes especially personal, you may ask, "Do I really have to put up with this?" That's a fair question. If a parent spreads a lie about you on social media, isn't that defamation? If the parent angrily confronts you in person and badgers you, can you get a restraining order or issue a "no trespass" letter, prohibiting them from school grounds? When a school district employee makes you tear your hair out, isn't that a hostile work environment? These questions create an interesting stew of legal questions, which are slightly more complicated to answer than you might think. Click here to read the full article.

  Summer Leadership Seminars

Advisers and Principals can choose from a number of curriculum categories to build a program that fits their own needs! To make this event even more accessible, pick a date that best fits your calendar and MASC/MAHS Student Leadership will come to your District/School to deliver the curriculum of your choice – on your campus! Contact the MASC/ MAHS Michigan Student Leadership office at info@mascmahs.org or (517) 327-5315 to schedule. For more information, click here.

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