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Looking forward to seeing you again!

Coming to conference? So are we! See you in NSW next week, with a bunch of goodies:

  • Ready-to-go Hivemind monitoring systems
  • Pallet-compatible scales
  • Samples of the doorway activity and temperature sensors

Brand new Hivemind weight monitoring systems: we'll have these at conference ready for you to take home and install. So bring your chequebook (We won't be able to take credit cards at conference, sorry).

You can't afford to miss out on this opportunity to significantly increase your annual profit (by $15,000 per yard!) visit our yield calculator here.

We're also giving away a beekeeping mystery novel with every Hivemind purchase.

Pallet-compatible scales

The big news this year is that we have our new pallet-compatible scales ready for you to purchase at the conference.

We've carefully designed two options to suit two common styles of pallets. You can see each of these options below.

Hive floor or mesh floor option

Pallet cleat option

View a video of the hive floor scales in action >>

Other goodies

While you're at conference, don't forget to come check out our new doorway activity sensors and our outside and in-hive temperature sensors.

Owners of existing systems will be able to purchase upgrades to new sensors at any point, so don't hold back!

Other upcoming conferences

We'll also be at other conferences this year, so get in touch if you want to know whether we'll be coming to yours.

Contact us:

Aus: (02) 8188 2768   |   NZ: +64 3 741 1204   |  info@hivemind.co.nz