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How to Make a $20,000 Sale

It’s sure nice to make a one-call $20,000 sale. I hope you have. If it took three months to sell a $20,000 job, would that sale be worth your time and effort? Here’s what it took for one sales pro to make this happen.

A new customer lead called the office and he ran it, learning that she wanted to replace both older systems. She asked him to email the quote, which he did.

He didn’t hear back from her for a while and then she sent an email saying she had not received the quotes. He made another personal visit and presented a high-end 17 SEER system as his “BEST” choice. She then told him that she had a high school friend who was now in the HVAC business and she was going to get him to quote the job too.

The sales pro called weekly for six weeks until the customer sent an email to the owner (from the web site link) asking for the sales pro to only contact her by email. He complied and within days she decided to replace both systems, one with a new 25 SEER system and the other a 14 SEER. 

When he went out to get the paperwork signed she told him that she bought from him because she appreciated his respecting her wish for email follow up, that she researched their company and found it to be very reputable, and even though they were $4,000 more than the high school friend she felt those things were worth it.

Gotta love the persistence, the courage to propose the high-end solution, the confidence that he could sell the job for more money than another contractor and the willingness to work with the customer in the way she preferred.

Other stories

Missing Pieces by Mark Sims

It is complex and often painful to operate an HVAC contracting business, especially with the challenge of growing a business with limited resources.  Let me use this puzzle graphic to illustrate what I mean.

This puzzle shows all of the separate business functions that have to fit and work together.  Successful companies have figured out how to assemble all of these pieces together so that everything operates seamlessly and efficiently.  This integration of functions can be achieved by adding people or by using a software operating system.

Contractors searching for software systems to help them effectively manage their business tell us that their current solution is either missing pieces of the puzzle or they are using multiple solutions that have been home-grown over many years and are not integrated.  As a result:

  • They still have to manually handle much of their business with unnecessary paperwork
  • Information such as installed equipment, installation job history and service history is not easily shared between departments
  • Important information for management reports is not readily available without extensive effort
  • The overall cost of maintaining separate software systems can be hefty

If you are hunting for a management system to help run your business or are not satisfied with your current solution TRUST PRO® online:

  • Offers a complete, truly integrated and affordable solution
  • Is modularized so that even if you currently have part of the solution covered, you can use TRUST PRO® online to fill in the holes or start in one area and grow into it at your desired pace
  • Provides immediate management feedback of all functional areas without any additional work – just a click of a button to get to dozens of built-in reports
  • Offers an instant mobile solution for service and sales – just get a tablet with internet access, load a free app an you are ready to go
  • Requires a low upfront investment  and is monthly fee based so that it can affordably be scaled to any size business and grow as you grow
  • It's easy to evaluate with by clicking here to go to our website for more information and to schedule an online demonstration session by clicking on any of the “Sign up for a FREE demo” banners.  Or contact me directly at or 612-284-5024 x100.  At the end of the Online Demo, you will receive access to our fully functional Test Drive site that will allow you to fully evaluate TRUST PRO® online at your own pace.

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