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April 2014

Spring is finally here!  While recently enduring one of the craziest winters in Michigan’s history, our chemists stayed warm and busy in the laboratory. We’ve added to our product lines, and in doing so, improved the processing characteristics of our Innothane® liquid urethane materials. These breakthroughs combined with enhanced product performance have increased applications opportunities across a wide range of industries.  By choosing Innovative Polymers' new products, urethane users are sure to impress their customers and dominate the competition!

Mercury-free Polyurethanes

Innovative Polymers has been manufacturing polyurethanes without mercury or MOCA for more than 20 years…since our company began!  With this long history as a pioneer in mercury-free products, we have developed a proprietary balance of catalysts that produce formulations with highly controlled, predictable viscosity and reactivity profiles approaching that of mercury-containing systems.  The resulting casting systems are easy to process with most products curing at room temperature.  Moreover, parts molded from Innothane® polyurethanes are known for long-term performance in the field without deteriorating.

Product Developments

Among the most important additions we’ve made to Innothane® liquid urethane families over the past winter, Innovative Polymers expanded its InnoTuf® HP Series to include nine different Shore A hardness products and three Shore D hardness systems.

Casting materials in the mercury-free HP-2100 series are polyether/polyurea polyol hybrids.  They are formulated for hand mixing and processing with gel times of less than 30 minutes.  Once cured, the super-tough polyurethanes will provide dependable, long-term performance. 

Shore 20 – 95 A Hardness products have elongations up to 600% with tear strengths of 40 to 465 pli (ASTM Test Method D-624).

Shore 50 – 70 D Hardness systems combine good tensile strength with ultra-high tear strengths of 420 to 800 pli (ASTM Test Method D-624), and Taber abrasion resistance of 31 to 50 mg loss.

Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Show

Innovative Polymers will once again be exhibiting at the prestigious AMUG meeting being held this year in Tucson, Arizona, April 6-10.

The gathering is designed to educate attendees about additive manufacturing technologies such as stereolithography, selective laser sintering, 3D printing, etc. Innovative Polymers' role is to help prototypers and manufacturers who need more than a single or very limited quantity of parts.  Our thermoplastic-like polyurethanes, cast in silicone rubber molds, are ideal for building functional parts for field testing and even short-run production. 

To demonstrate the capabilities of Innothane® polyurethanes, we will be molding parts in our booth, using a variety of different polyurethanes to illustrate the versatility and capability of the products.

See us at Booth #255 at the Hilton El Conquistador!


Call us for samples and to learn more about the systems featured in this newsletter or on our website, www.innovative-polymers.com.