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Volume 13 / March, 2012

Modo's new location at 60 W Cordova

modo moves

Vancouver – West End
NEW VEHICLE at Camelot, a 2011 grey Dodge Grand Caravan minivan.
NEW VEHICLE at Horizon, a 2011 blue Toyota Corolla sedan.
NEW VEHICLE at Oceanic-Harwood, a 2012 silver Toyota Corolla sedan.
NEW VEHICLE at 510 Nicola @ Cardero's, a 2012 blue Nissan Versa sedan.

Vancouver – Gastown + Downtown
NEW LOCATION at 60 W Cordova with 2 VEHICLES, a 2012 red Toyota Yaris hatchback and a 2012 grey Toyota Prius V hatchback.
NEW VEHICLE at Civic Plaza, a 2012 red Toyota Matrix hatchback.

Vancouver – Kitsilano
NEW LOCATION at Maple & W 13th, a 2007 black Toyota Corolla sedan.
VEHICLE UPGRADE at W 11th & Trafalgar, a 2009 blue Nissan Versa hatchback.

Vancouver – South Granville
NEW VEHICLE at Westwind, a 2012 blue Toyota Corolla sedan.

Vancouver – Main Street Corridor
NEW LOCATION at Guelph Park, a 2007 grey Toyota Corolla sedan.
VEHICLE UPGRADE at E 5th & Scotia, a 2010 red Dodge Grand Caravan minivan.
VEHICLE UPGRADE at Alderwood, a 2010 blue Dodge Grand Caravan minivan.
2 VEHICLES REPLACED at Walter Hardwick after a long absence, a 2010 red Toyota Prius hatchback and a 2012 blue Nissan Versa sedan.

Vancouver – Commercial Drive
NEW LOCATION at McSpadden Park, a 2008 grey Toyota Matrix hatchback.

VEHICLE UPGRADE at Patterson SkyTrain, a 2010 silver Toyota Matrix hatchback.

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going on a long trip?

new travel insurance perk with the co-operators

"hey modo, what's urgent?"

charge it up!

we (heart) qmunity

upcoming events

modo mojo - the timeless gift

featured items

going on a long trip?

Modo is great for road trips, since you can book our vehicles for up to 30 days. We love it when members send in their road trip stories and photos.


If you are planning a trip in a Modo vehicle longer than 10 days, let us know. We’ll make sure the vehicle that you want has been mechanically inspected prior to your trip, and top up any fluids to ensure a smooth journey.


We’ll also equip you with some handy reminders about our fuel cards and our BCAA relationship with other CAA and AAA clubs. Safe travels!


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safe travels from modo!

new travel insurance perk with the co-operators

If you're planning a trip, you may be interested to know that Modo members are now eligible for 15% savings on travel insurance through The Co-operators. Their travel insurance is designed to be flexible and affordable, with financial protection and emergency travel assistance including Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage, up to $5 million in emergency Hospital and Medical coverage, and convenient annual rates on multi-trip plans.


This brand new partnership with another trusted co-op, The Co-operators, expands our Modo perks. All you have to do is call The Co-operators at 1-800-958-8210 or find a Co-operators Agent; just tell them you’re a Modo member to get started. When you contact The Co-operators to purchase this travel insurance deal, you'll be asked for your Modo member number.


And if you're curious about other Modo perks, check out our perks page.

modo's new travel insurance perk through the co-operators

"hey modo, what's urgent?"

When you call Modo to report damage or with an urgent matter, you don’t have to listen through the whole message. Press 6 as soon as you hear the greeting and be directed to a staff member.


Modo considers any time-sensitive information about the vehicle that would affect the next member to be urgent. For example, you might be running late, or perhaps you had to park the vehicle somewhere other than its designated spot. Put yourself in the next member’s shoes and think about whether you’d need to have this information.


For all other calls, please follow the prompts. This helps us prioritize phone calls and track our service. Thank you!

press 6 if you have an urgent matter to discuss or you need to report damage

charge it up!

Modo’s electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF, should be plugged in after each booking. There’s no danger of ‘over-charging’ the battery. Should the next member be inconvenienced because you’ve forgotten to plug in the car, you may be fined $25.


Always check the range on the information display both before and after your trip. At the start of your trip, if you feel there is not sufficient range for your trip, please call Modo and we’ll try to make alternative arrangements for you. At the end of your trip, if the range shows 30km available or below, please call Modo to give us a heads-up. We may have to adjust the next member’s booking.


You can review procedures for our electric vehicle at

always charge up the electric vehilce between bookings

we (heart) qmunity

Qmunity is BC’s queer resource centre (and home of Western Canada’s largest LGBT library!) offering services like Prideline, Generations for aging and elder members, and Gab Youth for people under the age of 25. Since 2010, Modo has been proud to support Qmunity with carsharing. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to sponsor to such a stellar organization.


There are many ways to contribute to Qmunity; an updated Wish List is published on their website so that donors can fine-tune their gifts. Biggest wish list item? A small upright or chest freezer to store non-perishable food donations. “Right now we’re using a regular refrigerator freezer and it’s getting a bit too packed,” says Jennifer Breakspear, Qmunity’s Executive Director.

modo's proud to support qmunity

upcoming events

Re:Generation III: How We Green Our City, April 11 at The Waldorf

The Re:Generation team is back with another instalment of their inter-generational dialogues. Elders, boomers, Xer’s and Millennials come together to share their stories to help Vancouver achieve its Greenest City goals. Register for the event here.

modo mojo - the timeless gift

We love the idea of carsharing as a gift – that’s why we offer Modo Mojo. It can be the perfect gift! Mojo can be purchased in any dollar amount and can be used towards previous or upcoming usage, or towards sign-up fees or shares purchase. It’s really straightforward!


Visit our Mojo page to learn more about the gift of carsharing.

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