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Peace it Together

July 31, 2013


As you likely know, Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations have resumed in Washington, DC. This is the first time direct talks have taken place in three years.

All of us at Peace it Together hope for nothing more than lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis. We believe a durable, sustainable peace requires that parties understand one another, reconcile injustices, and move towards forgiveness. This will allow harms to and by both sides to be addressed and repaired, and for individuals and groups to move into a sense of wholeness. We hope leaders find the strength to move toward reconciliation and away from violence and domination.

We also call upon leaders to address issues that have divided and ultimately stagnated peace talks in the past, such as settlements and the rights of refugees. These issues cannot be deferred, and must be addressed in such a way that will create a just, secure and sustainable peace. While we do not prescribe how these issues should be rectified, we hope leaders on both sides find the courage and resilience to negotiate in ways that promote justice and equity for all.