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When Two Beauties Meet

Take an iconic Australian beauty brand, throw in one of the world's most beautiful women, put them together on Hayman and what do you have...sorry we're distracted by the photo --->

It was a battle of two beauties when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley got her glam on to shoot ModelCo's summer advertising campaign shoot, we still think Hayman takes the cake!

Once the gruelling work was over the who's who of Australian media attended the ever so grand Black Tie Dinner in celebration of the amazing new face of ModelCo. To see all the action visit Hayman's Instagram. *Warning* Rosie may hurt your eyes.

Have you Visited Mudgee?

Klick is incredibly happy to announce that we’re now working with arguably the wine, food, insane-scenery, most-adorable-small-town capital of NSW (you heard it here first).

The Mudgee Region is only 3.5 hours from Sydney and we think there are many of you that don't know what you're missing. In the past couple months we’ve racked up three visits and can't wait to share our hot tips for the perfect weekend getaway.

If you’re a fan of beautiful things, authentic charm and a fine glass of something grape-based, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

5 Things We ♥ About Lori

♥ She could easily be snapped by any street style blogger. Lori makes dressing for the colder months look a breeze with her selection of blazers, coats and ankle boots...swoon.

♥ She is a wannabe yogi. One day, she wants to complete her yoga teacher training and become a qualified teacher, she also wouldn’t mind mastering a handstand pose … Namaste.

♥ She is passionate about music, of all types. For as long as Lori can remember she has made concerts her pastime and tells us she will be going to music festivals for as long as her frail body will allow her.

♥ She loves Italy. From the pasta, to the people, to Positano. She plans to live out her twilight years sunning herself on the Amalfi Coast.

♥ She may be meticulously dressed, nicely spoken and a shopaholic, but when Lori isn't being a professional communicator she is moonlighting as an amateur builder. We won't say it's a passion, you certainly won't find her on the next season of The Block, but if you are lucky enough to be invited to the Macuon home you will notice a lovely deck built by Lori's two hands. Skills.

Direct to Your Doorstep

It's happened! After popular demand the team at Harris Farm Markets have launched their online store for Sydney folks, rolling out with select suburbs. And they're even throwing in delivery for free*

*For a limited time only (we'll have to check before we send out that it's still running)

In the Know

Always dreamed of being a pro athlete but not so good at sports? Video gamers can now be recognised as professional athletes in order to be awarded a US visa. Cue career change.

Australia can thank Ellen DeGeneres for a whopping 22% increase in inbound ticket sales from the US to Sydney…if we're honest we think it’s because Hayman starred on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Need to be forgiven? The Pope is using Twitter to forgive his followers of their sins – will you be game enough to publically confess for the world to see? Do it!

Following the release of videos on Instagram (have you had a go yet?) – you can now embed your photos and videos on a Web page. Finally! This means all of your content from Instagram will be properly attributed.

In search of the perfect profile picture? We're already an image conscious society, however Facebook users in India are going under the knife to put their best face forward.

While it’s great that you can specifically narrow down your targeted audience, demographic, and location the big question is: do Facebook promoted posts actually work? We say YES.