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Small Big Things by Jody Hudson-Powell

Protect Me From What I Want

Guest Edition by Jody Hudson-Powell

Jody Hudson-Powell is a partner at Pentagram and a good friend. 

He curates our third Guest Edition, giving us three products we wish we would have known about earlier. Maybe these products will arrive on time for you.

100% battle tested by Jody and his son. 

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Protect Me From What I Want


The speed that kids grow is supernatural, and if you buy something at the wrong time they'll barely get any use out of it.

This bike grows with the child from balance bike up to the age of x. Learning breaks at the balance stage is a plus, and it's also light and looks tech.

Black Mountain Pinto

Kids Loose Tapered Pants (Terra Cotta)


Doing things alongside my son is an amazing feeling. Both sat drawing, hunting around for beetles, or climbing. I spot him on the wall, but I'm pretty much just waiting my turn.

I wear the same pair in big.

Kids Loose Tapered Pants

Protect Me From What I Want


Technology designed for kids is pretty much always terrible. It tends to be expensive and aimed at a small development window, rather than being a useful tool that they adapt to and grow with - like big people stuff.

My son at a really young age learnt how to use this camera. By prioritising the buttons that gave him feedback, he was able to take and review pictures. As he grows he learns more about it and gets more from it. It's pretty indestructible too.

Fuji xp140


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