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“Your wholehearted attention is how you connect to others, while our pragmatic attitudes about work have little room to even consider generosity. The nourishment factor—these acts of generosity, of giving and receiving our full attention, expressing gratitude and providing support—feeds our cores, makes us more resilient and enduring, and helps us to strive.”

— Janet Choi

Hello there! In this dispatch we look at the depth of knowledge having remote teammates has taught our company and informed our culture. Know a remote worker? Send them a “You’re awesome :thumbsup:” right now! Or jump on a Talky to say hi over coffee, or better yet, a beer. 

Illustration by the amazing Lynn Fisher

Staying connected

&yet is a hybrid team, by Eran’s definition. But we didn’t begin that way. Adding remote yetis and maintaining our company culture has been challenging. It’s required us to take a healthy dose of self examination, and make adjustments on everything from how we celebrate to how we communicate.

But, by placing emphasis on our communication flaws and by encouraging us to reflect on how we behave with each other intentionally, becoming a hybrid team has strengthened our connections with each other, as well as our ability to connect with others. 

We’re working on sharing as much as we can about how we stay connected, but if you’re looking for a great place to start, check out this list of amazing remote resources

Notes on Managing Remote Teams

Notes on Managing Remote Teams

BY Eran Hammer

Considering going remote? In this post, Eran shares his lessons learned from over six years of firsthand of very valuable experience, concerning both remote and hybrid teams.

Why Work Loneliness isn't a Personal Problem (and How to Conquer It)

Why Work Loneliness isn’t a Personal Problem (and How to Conquer It)

by Janet Choi

Obviously we took this dispatch’s quote from this article so you know it’a great one. Recommended reading if you work with people.

Creating the Genuine Connections We Long For

Creating the Genuine Connections We Long For

by Leo Babauta

Leo lays it all out beginning with “Why Genuine Connections are Important” and gives thoughtful, practical advice on how to create these connections.


Over to you

Announcing Talky Beta


Some months ago, we invited you to join us in using the very much work-in-progress version of Talky 2, at Thank you so much for helping us test what we’ve now launched as Talky Beta at

We’ll be announcing a Talky Kickstarter in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll join us in pushing Talky and WebRTC forward!

What We’re Doing



What are your hacks for keeping in touch or connecting with your people?

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