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Lyttelton Harbour Wastewater Project

Kia ora from the Lyttelton Harbour Wastewater Project team. Our marine works are complete and we're moving full steam ahead to complete key onshore targets in 2019. This will bring an end to the routine discharge of treated wastewater into Lyttelton Harbour, a fantastic milestone for our city.

We'll be seeing more of each other!

With our marine works now complete, we're moving to the more visible stage of the build process with major works happening in Simeon Quay in Lyttelton. Firstly, we're going to build a brand new pump station at the Lyttelton side of the tunnel, which will be the powerhouse to pump all of Lyttelton Harbour's wastewater through the tunnel.

Construction of the pump station will have some impact on traffic in the Simeon Quay area, but our contractors Fulton Hogan will be doing their best to minimise the disruptions. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your understanding while we build this vital part of the new wastewater system.

The Heathcote "in ground" pipework

We've just announced Fulton Hogan as the successful contractor for the fourth and final stage of the Lyttelton Harbour Wastewater Project.

This part of the project involves installing a new underground pipeline from the Heathcote end of the road tunnel along Port Hills Road, Mauger Drive and along State Highway 74 to the Alport Place pump station in Woolston.

Once completed, this pipeline will be connected to the existing pump station in Woolston and allow all of Lyttelton Harbour's wastewater to be pumped through to the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment in Bromley.

Work on phase four is expected to start in March and the entire project is planned for completion and commissioning by early 2020.

We'll be sharing regular updates and we’ll have signs up before the work starts to let you know.

Commissioning the Governor's Bay pump station

We've started testing and commissioning the pump station at Governor's Bay.

Once fully commissioned, this will mean no more routine discharges of treated wastewater into the harbour, as all wastewater from this area will be pumped through to the Simeon Quay pump station.

The last stage of the Governors Bay works will be the replacement of the old pipeline along the foreshore as well as a more resilient power supply. 

Read all about the Lyttelton wastewater project and other news and events in Christchurch at Newsline.

Stay informed

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