Advertising Standards Bureau - Ad Standards Bulletin (Recent News)

Issue 94. 1 February 2018.

Rules around sexual appeal in advertising to change

Amendments to Section 2.2 of the AANA Code of Ethics which prohibits advertising from using sexual appeal in an ‘exploitative or degrading manner’ will come into effect from 1 March 2018.

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2017 record year for competitor complaints

In 2017 the Advertising Claims Board considered four competitor complaint cases – the most cases ever considered in a single year.

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Too sexy for on demand TV

The Board has upheld a complaint against a fashion advertisement for featuring sexualised images of a woman which were not appropriate for an audience which would include children.

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Board confirms decision

The Board decided to reconfirm their initial determination to uphold a complaint about a University advertisement after an independent review recommended new evidence be considered.

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