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Wildfires in the Arctic are normal. But climate researcher Nancy Fresco says this year’s fires – stretching across Siberia, Greenland and Alaska – reflect worrying trends. She describes how frequent and intense wildfires, driven by warmer temperatures, are not only disrupting life for people in the regions, but also changing Arctic ecosystems and the cycles of regrowth scientists have seen in the past.

During his first term in office Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari delayed announcing his ministerial appointees. His second term started with a similar delay. On both occasions Buhari claimed he was taking time to pick candidates whose reputations were not tainted by corruption. But this cabinet, like the last, includes a number of his political cronies who have been associated with graft allegations. Ini Dele-Adedeji argues that this means the next four years of Buhari’s government will be more of the same - and that’s bad news for Nigerians.

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Smoke from wildfires in Siberia drifts east toward Canada and the U.S. on July 30, 2019. NASA

Huge wildfires in the Arctic and far North send a planetary warning

Nancy Fresco, University of Alaska Fairbanks

A researcher based in Fairbanks, Alaska, links 2019's record-breaking wildfires in far northern regions of the world to climate change, and describes what it's like as zones near her city burn.

President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed a cabinet of political allies. Andre Pain/EPA-EFE

Why Buhari’s long-awaited cabinet leaves a lot to be desired

Ini Dele-Adedeji, University of York

Nigerians had hoped for a technocratic cabinet but the country's new ministers have not offered a break from previous political appointments.

Politics + Society

Russian protests highlight how authorities crackdown on activists – by targeting their families

Philip Boobbyer, University of Kent

Targeting the families of protestors is highly effective as a means of control.

Hong Kong protests: history lessons for Beijing from British colonial era uprising

Nicholas Ross Smith, University of Nottingham; Mark Boyd, University of Auckland

What Beijing could learn from the British response to the 1967 Hong Kong riots.

Business + Economics

Regulating Facebook, Google and Amazon is hard given their bewildering complexity

Zac Rogers, Flinders University

For all their good intentions, accidents happen when fallible humans intervene in complex systems they don't understand.

Ghana wants to grow more cashews. But what about unintended consequences?

James Boafo, The University of Queensland; Kristen Lyons, The University of Queensland

Expansion of cashew production for export poses potential challenges particularly around food security

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Hongkong : les  entreprises étrangères prises dans le tourbillon des manifestations

Nathalie Belhoste, Grenoble École de Management (GEM)

Les entreprises étrangères implantées à Hongkong doivent surveiller de près les évolutions politiques locales pour ne pas subir le même sort que Lancôme, il y a trois ans.

Les universitaires sont de gros émetteurs de gaz à effet de serre. Voyagent-ils trop?

Julie Talbot, Université de Montréal; Julien Arsenault, Université de Montréal

Une conférence en Autriche, une autre en Chine, des travaux de recherche en Indonésie… Plusieurs questionnent l'impact environnemental des habitudes de travail cosmopolites des universitaires.