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Welcome to the IPI newsletter! In the coming issues we will be keeping you abreast of what’s going on at IPI – who we are, what we do, and how we can help you. We believe in making the world a safer place to be, and our dry break and closed transfer technology makes an important contribution to that.

Every day chemicals play a vital role in many areas, from protecting our crops and food supplies, producing medicines and cosmetics, and even cleaning our clothes – but useful as they are, they can be harmful to us and our world when not handled correctly.

That’s where IPI come in. Our ground breaking technologies were introduced over 20 years ago and they help ensure that human or environmental contact with hazardous or toxic substances is minimized. Everything we do has one aim – making our planet a safer place to live.

We take great pride in our work and have solved many challenges for our customers who were struggling with health and safety regulations. We accompany our customers on a journey from start to finished solution by selecting the right container, materials and Closed Transfer System for the job. Our experience means we have an extensive database of chemicals and can supply a valve or container with seals resistant to the chemical you are handling.

In choosing IPI for your closed transfer requirements you can have peace of mind that we have more than likely provided a solution for your product before.

So why not give us a call? – our experts are on hand waiting to assist you.

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Customer Story – Lansdowne Chemicals

Lansdowne chemicals based in Oxford, UK, adopted the Micro Matic Drum Valve system because it offers security for handling and dispensing hydrazine hydrate – a chemical which has a short term exposure limit of 0.1 part per million.
Product Focus – The Drum Valve

The Drum Valve has become a standard within the agricultural and seed treatment sectors in Europe and is even referred to on the Defra Website here in the UK.
Volker Marx

For those of you who have already met him Mr. Volker Marx requires no introduction! Volker is a respected technical expert in all areas of IPI’s business. During his 20 years of service he has seen numerous applications and resolved numerous issues - his experience is priceless.