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The Exhibitionists are proud to announce the collaboration with Elevation Productions in the sales and tour management of The Science of Rock 'N' Roll.

The exhibition was announced at the 2012 Association of Science and Technology Center's (ASTC) Conference in Columbus, OH.  EDG will be meeting with prospective museums who wish to host the tour or learn more at the 2013 American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Conference in Baltimore, MD May 19-22.

Have you ever wondered about the science behind rock ‘n’ roll? How has technology shaped the multi-billion dollar music industry? Discover the technological evolution that progressed us to the current state of music today.

The exhibition is an interactive experience, fun for all ages - bringing out the rock n' roll star in each of us.  The tour is filling quickly - be a rockstar and join us!  Current openings are May 2014 and beyond.


5,000-10,000 square feet

12 weeks or 24 weeks

I. Rock 'n' Roll History
II. Theory: Writing & Composition
III. Rock Instruments
IV. Science of Sound
V. Recording Rock
VI. Careers in Rock
VII. Rock Videos

Click to view Exhibition Catalogue

Contact EDG at 651 222 1121

Or set a meeting with us at AAM Conference & Expo, Baltimore 2013,

Photos courtesy of and all rights reserrved by Elevation Productions


EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS:  Five interactive kiosks to record your own music, historical artifacts & technology from 50's to current (including cases), scenic - stage lighting embedded in galleries,  and an  Educator's Package with 10 STEM aligned lesson plans.  

BACKSTAGE PASS:  A highly interactive experience where guests will record themselves using our interactive kiosks to access and share content through the website's mobile app.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Mobile App includes audio tour, backstage pass and blog.  

REQUIREMENTS:  Wired Internet T1, 400 amp three phase 280 volt, Broadcasting License(s), Ceiling Height of 12 feet and 1000 sq ft storage for crates


The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes
has four more spots in the North American tour before it leaves for Europe in 2017.

Download the Exhibition Brochure here to learn more about the Exhibition and the award winning, international design team.  This exhibition will break all boundaries in exhibition experiences.

The game is a foot!  Join the tour before it is too late dear Friends!

The exhibition is organized by Exhibits Development Group, Geoffrey M. Curley+Associates, the Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, OR



- Highly Immersive and interactive environments for ages 8 and above
- Hands-on & Minds-on physical interactives with real observation and scientific experimentation
- Exploration using contemporary forensic tools
- AV - Interviews with leading historians and forensic scientists
- Exhibition crime-solving Notebook & a
 reward for a mystery well-solved!

- Lecture and programming including Baker Street Irregulars
- Educational classroom activities following National STEM Curriculum
- Content supported website
- Exhibition retail store
- Unique Sherlockian 221B photo opportunity




- Fossils of rare four-winged and feathered dinosaurs, some of which were the first to reveal prehistoric color never seen outside Asia.  

- Prehistoric environment consisting of a Triassic Period forest.

- Rare casts of feathered dinosaurs and a creature that may be the earliest bird.

- Engaging interactives that provide an informative, fun museum experience!

- Life-size dinosaur models created by paleo-artist Gary Staab.

- Dynamic artwork by leading Chinese paleo-artist Xing Lida.

- Photography by esteemed NatGeo photographers.

7,500 square feet minimum

Click here view Exhibition Brochure


The exhibtion is organized with Science Visulaization, the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing and the Shandong Museum of Nature



Birds are dinosaurs. This is the conclusion supported by recently-discovered fossils in China. Among the new discoveries are four-winged, gliding raptors and tyrannosaurs with long feathers for display that existed 160 to 125 million years ago. Many are in an exquisite state, preserving bone, feathers, skin, even color. Dinosaurs Take Wing will present feathery fossils, as large as walls, that have never been exhibited in the U.S. and bring ancient creatures to life through colorful models and artwork. The exhibition centerpiece will be life-size models of two newly discovered tyrannosaurs engaged in a feathery courtship display.

The exhibition is a grand undertaking. This will be the first time the fossils will leave Asia.  EDG and partners have created an exhibition to fit the budgets of most science and natural history institutions with versions of the exhibition varying in size yet retaining a monumental headline.

Contact Ben Jacobson at EDG to learn more about this important and historically signfificant exhibition to the world of natural history at 651 222 1121.

The San Diego Museum of Art opened the arts of Piranesi on March 28, 2013 with EDG exhibition collaborators Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, IT, Factum-Arte, Madrid, SP and archictect Michele De Lucchi, Milan, IT.  Click here to view installation images.

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland, OR is the current host of MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition - closing May 5 and opening at Center of Science & Industry in Columbus, OH on June 6, 2013.

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes  is in full production.  The five year international tour will make its world premiere in October 2013 - only 4 spots remain in the North American tour.  

Ben Jacobson, Exhibition Sales & Relationship Manager and Amy Noble Seitz, Founder & CEO will be attending ASPAC, Korea and AAM, Baltimore in May - contact EDG to set up a visit to learn more about EDG's portfolio.

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EDG is accepting candidates for the 2013 Summer University Internship Program in the St. Paul and Georgetown offices.  Contact Ben Jacobson for more information,


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