"It is not only China’s ascendence to become the world’s economic power, that makes it the place to be. It is also its ancient civilization, the variety of its unique landscapes, and the diversity of its ethnic minorities that make this country so fun and exciting to explore. This is why we love what we do, taking some of the world’s brightest young minds and helping them open a window of reality into China's vast and intriguing culture. At The Hutong Education, we have added several talented people to our developing team, expanded our operational space, and with it our capabilities. We are now running more trips to an increasing number of spectacular destinations across China. In addition to our existing themes, this year students traveled to the birthplace of the Communist revolution in Jiangxi; worked in orphanages and cultivated tea in the villages of Anhui; examined the arts and fashion industries of Beijing; trekked the temples of Wutaishan; and trained with the Kung Fu students of Shaolin. We want to thank all the inspirational teachers, students and schools we have had the pleasure of working with this year; for whom – and with whom – we strive to continue creating unforgettable and meaningful experiences. We wish you all Happy Holidays and all the best for 2013."
Josh Kernan | Director of Educational Programs, The Hutong


Expert Roundtables
One of our focuses in 2013 is to working with field experts to develop the most unique programming and choose the most relevant destinations for educational travel groups in China. Our educational consultants are academics and experienced professionals in a variety of fields, and work with our education team to design and enhance trips that will give students the opportunity to explore China's most pressing issues. We will be connecting the knowledge from these experts with your school's curriculum and learning objectives, in order to provide your students with unparalleled educational experiences across China.
In Jiangxi, Serving The People
Click here to find out how a 6th Form group of students from Beijing set out on a train ride south to “Serve The People” of Jiangxi, while exploring Red Chinese history from both sides. The Hutong is thrilled to work with international schools to not only give students a chance to get their hands dirty doing real revolutionary labor, but also to help develop its community-centered programs and “Serve The People” across counties, countries, and cultures.
Project Runway, Beijing!
Sought out and requested by a Shanghai International School to plan an “Arts & Fashion” themed tour for a group of eager high school students venturing to China’s capital, The Hutong jumped at the opportunity to link up some of Beijing’s most respected entrepreneurs, professionals and an inter-connected web of pioneering, innovative minds in the city’s creative industries. Click here to read more.
Trekking China's Holy Mountain
This past September a group of unlikely explorers set out for the Wutai Mountains. While braving the elements of its mountain peaks and enjoying the splendor of their temple chambers, the group traversed over 33km and paid respects to 6 temples. Click here to find our more about their journey, an unforgettable experience hiking up and along China’s Holy Mountain.
Enlightened Rebels in Anhui
A rebellious bunch of international school students found a little bit of “enlightenment” this past October on The Hutong’s excursion to Nanjing and Anhui. Click here to read more about their travels, which included a monastery stay, a marble race, tea picking, exchanges with monks, and much much more.
Back To The Land Of Genghis Khan
The Hutong’s Inner Mongolia trip is one of our most popular adventures, and this Fall's expeditions were no exception - but don't take our word for it, click here to see a post from one of the teachers on this September’s trip - and stay tuned for more exciting updates, including enhanced activities in the grasslands and charitable partnerships.
The Great Outdoors
In the Northern Hills outside Beijing this September, students from a number of international schools hoisted up their backpacks, slapped on some sunscreen and ventured out of the city into nearby wilderness, leaving luxury back home. In the great outdoors, they found challenges and opportunities as they joined together in team building exercises that resulted in improved communication, teamwork and a lot of laughs. Click here for more information.
Shaolin, Kung Fu Kids
At the foothills of the Shaoshi Mountain, under the shaded trees and amongst the ancient pagodas of Shaolin Temple, a group of international school students learned more than a collection of intimidating Kung Fu moves. Click here for more information on their lessons, and here to find out more about WISS Shanghai’s Tiger-style.
New Additions to Our Education Squad
We are thrilled to welcome more great additions to our education team, who will help us achieve our goal of adding sound educational value, working closely with teachers to incorporate learning objectives, enhancing units of inquiry, and providing memorable experiences. We are not a travel company that just takes students to tourist sites. Our goal is that the students fully experience the places they visit with us. Click here to find out more about The Hutong Education’s Leadership Team.
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