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It's your chance to make a change

We need YOUR help! Here at Beaufort Street Network we do our very best to create a better Beaufort Street, we have been involved in many art projects, supported local artists at our Beaufort Street Art Market and held numerous events in the aim of making Mount Lawley a better place but now its YOUR turn.

Have you completed our survey?! Your constructive thoughts will help us shape future projects to ensure that Beaufort Street continues to grow as a strong community, and as a fabulous destination.

Complete the survey here and you could  WIN A SPECIAL DINNER FOR TWO PEOPLE at Montefiore Cafe Restaurant including starters, main courses and tea/coffee.. now that's too easy!!

Take a stroll with us

We have received fantastic feedback from our previous workshops so we have decided to hold a free Walking Workshop of Beaufort Street on Wednesday 6th May.

We'll explain what we are doing to create a better Beaufort Street and you can tell us what you think..this is how we GROW! This is also a perfect opportunity to meet some of our lovely members who are passionate about improving Beaufort street and making it a place we feel proud to live in.

Please visit our website for more details on how you can be involved.

Great FORM

Over 50 artists/42 walls/18 International change makers

Perth city is coming alive thanks to FORM injecting life into ‘little’ Perth. Leading arts organisation FORM invited numerous artists to showcase their creativity by transforming over 42 street walls through different suburbs. They also held a Symposium at the state theatre designed to inspire change and drive innovation. Beaufort Street Network was represented by our lovely committee members Pam Herron, Dean Cracknell, Dale Emery, Jen Jones and Anna Keogh.

Together they spent the last two days listening to numerous international leaders who all shared their insights on how creativity can inspire happier cities…exactly what we’re trying to create! The symposium key note speaker Enrique Penalosa (former Mayor of Bogota Columbia) and Theaster Gates (Chicago based artist) really got the crowed inspired by giving valuable examples of how we can change our cities for the better. Thank you FORM for spreading light on finding innovative ways to create change. If you want to follow the progress of the artists click here

We have a date!

ITS OFFICAL...Jump Climb Events have been announced as Festival Directors for this year's Beaufort Street Festival which will take place on Saturday November 14th.

The Mount Lawley based events company have managed the Festival since 2012, with the 2014 Festival seeing them work in unison with Subiaco based company The Event Agency, who will also continue on in 2015.

A community consultation meeting will be held on Monday 4th May to allow members of the public to contribute to an open discussion of the Festival.

The meeting will commence at 6pm in the Function Room at the City of Vincent (244 Vincent Street, Leederville) and will give attendees an opportunity to provide feedback on previous Festivals and put forward suggestions for 2015.

All other opportunities to be involved in the Festival will be announced later in the year here.

Were always here

Dont forget you can always follow us and keep up to date on all our news. We always LOVE hearing from you we're only an email away.