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In this issue we’re taking a look at whether the significant dividends we've seen this summer are set to stay, and some important changes to take into account when pension planning. There’s also a helpful update on Capital Gains Tax along with a look at whether the Lasting Power of Attorney system will be updated to go digital.

In addition, as something of a 'time out', our friends at Lightfoot Travel have shared some breathtaking experiences of their adventures in Africa and we've met with the Cotswold Distillery, one of the few distilleries in the UK producing English whisky.
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Are bumper dividends set to stay?

As economies recover and markets even exceed expectations, this summer has proved an extraordinary one for investors, many of whom have enjoyed significant dividend pay-outs.

Julian Broom, our Chief Investment Officer, explores whether these super dividends are sustainable over the coming months.

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New rules to raise UK minimum pension age

Will Lasting Powers of Attorney go digital?

With life expectancies rising, and other pressures on the UK State Pension system, new rules are planned to update private and workplace pensions.

Huw Wedlock, Director, explains the relevance of the changes, and how they may impact your own retirement plans.

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Ensuring your affairs are properly managed if you become unable to look after them yourself is an important step.

Steve Wright, our Estates Director, considers new government proposals to introduce a digital Lasting Power of Attorney.

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People, planet, profit

Traditionally companies had a clear directive – to maximise profits with a priority on the interests of shareholders. Today the landscape has shifted significantly with the importance of other stakeholders, ethical practices and corporate social responsibility now of equal importance.

David Pugh, our CEO Elect, explains where this improved approach originated and how it relates to our own activities.

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Selling assets? Take note of soaring Capital Gains Tax bills

One of the areas most likely to be targeted by the government in the coming months is the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) framework.

With CGT bills hitting their highest levels last year, Peter Webb, our Head of Tax Advisory, examines what might be coming, and how you can plan accordingly.

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British expats accelerate plans to return to the UK

Signing documents digitally with DocuSign

The global pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives. As a result, many British expats have re-evaluated whether to continue living abroad or head home earlier than expected.

In our recent webinar Peter Webb, our Head of Tax Advisory, explored how plans are changing, and what to be aware of.

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When authorising documents we now use DocuSign as standard wherever possible. DocuSign is secure, easy to use and allows you to digitally sign documents quickly and easily - anywhere and from any device, with no need to print and scan. It’s also helping us make environmental savings too.

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Teaching your children about money and investment

Financial planning isn’t generally covered as part of the school curriculum and education. As a result, it’s usually the responsibility of parents to teach and guide children about the importance of money. So where do you start? Julian Broom, our Chief Investment Officer, shares some top tips.

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Adventures in Africa

Enjoying English whisky

After a long period with limited travel options, many of us are excited at the thought of planning an adventure or taking a unique holiday off the beaten track. Africa with its incredible nature, captivating wildlife, and legendary sunset sky offers a wonderful option.

Nico Heath, Director and Co-founder at bespoke luxury tour operator Lightfoot Travel, shares his thoughts on the timeless appeal of Africa.

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Although whisky was once synonymous with Scotland, Ireland and Kentucky, it’s now made all around the world. One of the most exciting, and newest, distilleries is nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Cotswolds countryside producing single malt whiskies with a focus on quality and flavour.

Caroline Underhill, our Global Marketing Director, explores how the distillery came into being and its achievements so far.

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