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Sustainability Matters' Successes and Challenges of 2011

Welcome to Sustainability Matters final newsletter for 2011, closing a very challenging year. Staying true to our core mission and purpose while finding a fiscally sustainable balance has been most difficult, athough with our vision, dedication and long-term relationships there is a glimmer of hope for broadened awareness and successful execution of sustainable design and building for mainstream America.

We are most thankful for the people who have been part of our 2011 experience.  Without the aligned partners, industry collaborators, shared connections, thoughtful conversations, innovative ideas, reinvented business models, and most of all human spirit, we ask ourselves where would we be today? 

For 2012 our continued advocating focus will be "Promise vs. Performance" in sustainable design and building.  We will continue to provide third party certifications, case studies, white papers, and actual ROI's based on the technologies and materials Sustainability Matters brings to market, ensuring accuracy of information and results for industry awareness.

As Sustainability Matters continues to build relationships with valuable information, we discover that connecting the dots with professionals, innovators, manufacturers and end-users is the fun part of the game.  People love to share information, especially when it is valuable information, providing viable opportunities to reduce energy, water and material resource use. For Sustainability Matters 2012 promises to build on our 2011, positioned for steady growth, working with dedicated people and businesses who are consciously aware and commited to what is next.

Thank you, for all you have contributed to the sustainable movement, our communities and support of Sustainability Matters in 2011.  We notice the difference.

Happy Holidays,

The Sustainability Matters Team

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Sustainability Matters 2011 Highlights

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Sustainability Matters by Kristen Victor Design becomes an S-Corporation and begins 2011 with a new brand, vision and name, Sustainability Matters, Inc.


Sustainability Matters is a trusted source for sustainable building technologies and materials, providing cost effective access to vetted products and practices, promoting transparency and knowledge within the building industry.

By developing long term collaborative relationships with industry leaders, we bring our clients innovative sustainable information, technologies and materials.


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Sustainability Matters develops partnerships with local academic institutions, including USD, UCSD, The New School of Architecture, Design Institute and Mission Bay High School to strengthen our Mentor/Internship Program and committment to educating our younger generations on sustainability and the educational opportunities within this field.

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NRDC, Natural Resource Defense Council, endorsed and published a Sustainability Matters researched case study,   informing industry leaders on affordable design and building options while creating a non-toxic, resource efficient, U.S.A. made, environment for the health and wellness industry, the fastest growing industry in our country.

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Sustainability Matters participated in Earth Day at the USGBC-SD booth, providing information to our San Diego community regarding sustainable building, technology and resources.

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Kristen Victor, Founder, spoke at USD Kroc Center for Peace and Justice on Triple Bottom Line businesses, discussing how Sustainability Matters applies the People, Planet and Profit business model to our mission, objectives and goals.

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Sustainability Matters' Firm Retreat in Park City and Sundance, Utah, enjoying the mountains, wildlife, natural foliage, hiking, biking and fresh air, all influencing our conscious discussions focused on our company's vision, objectives and goals. Reducing our carbon footprint, some of us traveled by bus!

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Sustainability Matters' "Daylighting" Newsletter Issue featuring our partner Ciralight, an active daylighting technology.

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Sustainability Matters'  theme for August was "water", featuring  our partner Aquacell, gray and blackwater recycling solutions for commercial and residential community applications.

Please view the newsletter HERE.

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Sustainability Matters contributed to the updated brand, healthy interiors, and sustainable materials package at the new well San Diego ~ Tierrasanta location. Read about Sustainability Matters' involvement in our September newsletter.

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Sustainability Matters spent a week in Toronto, Canada for a very  successful 2011 USGBC Greenbuild. Collaborating with like-minded colleagues, discussing What is Next was the ultimate highlight of a week filled with many favorites.

Please view our blog and newsletter for more details on our educational experiences.

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Our November "Made In The U.S.A." newsletter struck a sensitive cord in many.  Within minutes of our on-line release, we received numerous phone calls, e-mails and media requests asking permission to post in magazines, on-line newsletters and shared databases.  It was a joyous day in our office, striking the emotional cord of our readers by writing about the need for Americans to support our communities, our country and our economy.

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Sustainability Matters was very fortunate to host Phase Change Energy Solutions founder Pete Howarth  who shared his knowledge and experience to SDG&E/Sempra Sustainable Communities, local engineers, architects and contractors regarding the "game changing" cost effective, innovative, bio-based (plant extract) thermal barrier material, reducing  building and home energy usage by up to 35%.   This is a very exciting new technology we aligned with this year at GreenBuild, receiving "Most Innovative Product Award".

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