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Welcome to our October newsletter.

Hi everyone,


We’ve had a busy month here in Papanui-Innes, with lots of positive things going on in the area. 

We have enjoyed the excitement of opening the time capsule which was a surprise find at the former St Albans Community Resource Centre.

We now plan to create our own special time capsule for the new St Albans centre, and are looking at running a competition to decide what should go in the new one.

Also in St Albans, we had the pleasure of opening the new pavilion at St Albans Park. Although the grounds at the park will not be ready until December (weather permitting), it is great to have nice new public toilets, the resealed basketball court, and the playground back in action in this much-loved and hugely popular park.

One of the biggest decisions of the year for our board was the recent recommendation to council on changes to Main North Road to support bus priority. We had 197 submissions on this, with mixed feedback, and further deputations to our Board meeting. The fact that we voted to amend the staff recommendation, and retain parking between Harewood Road and Winston Avenue for traffic heading north, shows that we do listen to our community, which includes public transport users, residents, shoppers and businesses.

The full Council will make a final decision on this project in October.

So keep those submissions coming in when you do have the opportunity to make them. We really value hearing what our communities have to say, and encourage you to keep in touch directly with us, or through our Facebook page.

So enjoy the spring and the longer, warmer days, and get out and about as there is plenty to see and do this month.


Emma Norrish

Deputy Chairperson


Main North Road bus lanes

We have amended plans aimed at helping buses travel more quickly along Main North Road, including more parking for local businesses between Harewood Road and Winston Avenue.

An additional short-stay car park has been included for Winston Avenue.

The revamped plans will go to the Council for a final decision on Thursday, 4 October.

Late last year, the Christchurch City Council asked the public to provide feedback on a package of proposed changes aimed at giving buses priority and improving traffic flow.

Christchurch Northern Corridor Downstream Effects update

Following feedback analysis and further investigation, the draft Christchurch Northern Corridor Downstream Effects Mitigation Plan is nearing completion for consultation.

We expect consultation to start early next month.

The Council is also working with the NZ Transport Agency and the Christchurch Northern Corridor Alliance to reduce the number of single-occupant cars travelling along the route (a key theme of earlier public engagement).

The NZ Transport Agency hopes to establish how a high-occupancy vehicle lane – providing for buses and car pooling – can be incorporated in the design.

Depending on the result, this may feed into planning for the area that the Downstream Effects Mitigation Plan covers south of Innes Road.

Orbiter route

Environment Canterbury has received 133 submissions on the proposed No. 44 route change.

It is now considering issues raised by the community, before providing an update to submitters.

Well-head conversion update

Work is under way to upgrade the wellhead at the Kainga water supply pump station.

Early site works have been completed and a seal is being placed around the top of the well before installing the new fittings.

Construction is expected to be finished in late October.

Time capsule

We plan to put together a special time capsule for the new St Albans centre following the public unveiling of a capsule found in the former St Albans Community Resource Centre.

Look out for competition details to help us choose the items to go into our capsule.

We had a lovely day with local schoolchildren as we peered into the old capsule and unfurled the yellowed newspapers inside.

Community matters

Biketober – Christchurch’s festival of cycling is back this month. Enjoy rides, community events and a bike expo. 

Innes Road – Our Board has sought options for possible “traffic calming” measures following community concerns over the Innes Road pedestrian crossing.

Sisson Drive-Sawyers Arms Road – Staff have been asked to look at the position of the traffic signal pole on the left at the exit from Sisson Drive on to Sawyers Arms Road.

Cranford Street – Staff input has been sought on improving the warning signs for the change from 60kmh to 50kmh on the northern section of Cranford Street after the Main North Road exit.


Richmond – Maintenance work has been carried out in the area, including clearing sumps, sweeping and channel clearing. The tender for the reinstatement of Randall Street and Petrie Street is due to close and possible programmes will then be assessed.

Papanui Emergency Plan – A first draft emergency plan is being developed. Once complete, staff will consider a plan for the Shirley community.

Redwood Plunket Rooms – Work has restarted on the site.

St Albans Park and Pavilion – The St Albans Pavilion is open, with a community event set for March to celebrate the park opening.

The Breeze Walking Festival – Take the time to try out some walks in the local area. 

Beca Heritage Week – Celebrate our heritage during a special week.

Discretionary Response Fund

The following grants have been approved:

• $7500 to the St Albans Residents Association towards rental costs.

• $3000 towards Neighbourhood Week celebrations.

Positive Youth Development Fund

The following grants have been approved:

• $400 to Taiko Torepe-Ormsby, 15, towards representing New Zealand at the 2018 State Teams Age Short Course Swimming Championship in Canberra, Australia.

• $100 to Anna Bloome Dabkowski, 12, towards representing Heaton Intermediate School at the 2018 AIMS Games Championship in Tauranga.

• $150 to Jorja McCaughan, 12, towards representing St Joseph’s Primary School at the 2018 NZCAF Schools Aerobic National Championships in Wellington.

St Albans Park Pavilion

A soft opening of the St Albans Pavilion was held on Saturday, 15 September.

Following a welcome and brief history of the building by Community Board Deputy Chairperson Emma Norrish, a plaque featuring the kowhai symbolising St Albans was unveiled.

Alcohol licence notification

Public notices for all applications in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula can be found here

Have your say

Check here to have a say on proposals for the city.

Work in our area

All work information can be found here

Meeting schedule

Meeting start: 9am.

Expected end: 11am


The Boardroom, Papanui Service

Centre, Corner Langdons Road and   Restell Street


Meeting start: 9am.

Expected end: 11am.



The Boardroom, Papanui Service 

Centre, Corner Langdons Road and   Restell Street

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