Be safe and be seen. Back our fist Kickstarter project for a glowing messenger bag. We're excited to announce the Halo Zero, our newest project in collaboration with Halo Belt to create an LED illuminated messenger bag to keep you safe, and increase nighttime visibility. We have just over 30 days to reach our fundraising goal, and with your help, we can launch a bag to “show night drivers who's boss.” -Digital Trends

What is the Halo Zero?


Your Support and Funding: 

This is where Kickstarter comes in. With your help, we are able to start production of the HALO ZERO bags. We need your support to transform this idea into a reality! The funding will help to pre-order fabric, fiber optics, LEDs, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics. Once we hit our goal, we will start hand-crafting these bags in San Francisco as soon as we meet our pledging goal! You can expect your bag to be delivered in late April-May. Increased funding will aid in faster production.

Why Kickstarter:

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Kickstarter is a great way to launch a new idea that otherwise might not be possible. By rallying the enthusiasm and support of our fans it gives us a chance to cover our up-front development costs and launch an idea that otherwise could be fiscally out of reach. We're a small self-funded company with just 20 employees including our production staff that makes our products right here in SF. We're always full of new ideas, we keep a focus local lean manufacturing. We may have the appearance of a “larger brand” but in reality we're just a small group of people doing what we love, focusing on values we think are important, and your support will help bring this idea to market. So if you like the idea back it, tell your friends, and help us grow!

Kiss me you fool

Our famous kiss-me-kit is back and ready for instant shipping. We know it's best not to wait for cupid, so if you're still looking for the perfect gift to score a snog this Valentine's Day our kit includes special edition painted Recchiuti chocolates, Performance Tweed™ hearts and a new special edition multi-purpose zippered pouch. Ready to ship today for $25.

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500 miles in 5 minutes

Our CEO Mark Dwight is ready to embark on this year's 500-mile unassisted ride to LA to support raise money for At the Crossroads program to assist at risk youth. Check out last year's footage from a GoPro attached to his handlebars. We've compressed the entire inspiring solo- trip into a short and sweet video entitled 500 miles in 5 minutes. If you'd like to support this year's ride, check our Mark's 2013 donation page.

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Backing a bright idea

Now that you've read all about our Kickstarter, find out why Mark Dwight thinks this is the greatest time in history to be an entrepreneur. The backstory behind our Kickstarter project exclusively on our blog.

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