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Seventeen great new writers with fresh ideas have been added to the Pathways list.

The Australian Writers’ Guild is thrilled to announce the latest scriptwriters to join its Pathways Program, a growing initiative which links talent with opportunity and helps forge relationships between writers and producers.

Selected from the Guild’s ‘What Happens Next?’ competition by a rigorous judging panel of industry professionals, the six finalists now inducted into Pathways cover an exciting range of projects and formats including TV, theatre and feature film.

Eleven new writers with sophisticated multiplatform concepts were also invited to join the program through the latest AWG Platform X new media initiative.

To speak with any of these writers about their projects please contact the AWG on admin@awg.com.au

What Happens Next? finalists (read full synopses here):

Rebecca Johnstone: Bayou. Louisiana bayou town Beau Choix is delicately balancing issues of race, religion and poverty. When this faith-dependent world is disrupted, the question 'do you believe in magic?' has life or death consequences.

Katie Pollock: Normal. What would cause 18 normal girls to suddenly start twitching? What would it cost them to stop?

Gemma Crofts: Mayfield. A woman finds herself alone at the end of the world.

Tim Maddren: One And Another. Forced to admit his autistic son into permanent care, a recently widowed father escapes with his son to carry out one last family mission.

C.S. McMullen: Living Metal. In a near-future society where "metals" (androids) are second-class citizens, two detectives investigate a murder that no one else cares about. In the process, they discover a far-reaching conspiracy that will force them to re-evaluate everything they know about what it is to be human.

Max Walker: The Peacemaker. Australian surfer and UN Officer Jim Ryan puts it all on the line to free great mate and Taliban suspect, Rafi Khan – a man who once tried to kill him - from Bagram Prison, Afghanistan.


Platform X finalists (read full synopses here):

Joel Callen: Chasing Leads When a team of students in a small mining town takes over the local newspaper after its editor mysteriously disappears, they begin to uncover the dangerous secrets at the heart of their community.

Keith Diamond: Reefvolution. A science fiction story interwoven with a serious game where users join forces with their future selves, 30 years from now, to drive a monumental protest to save the Great Barrier Reef and change our present day behaviours to kerb Climate Change.

Sam Hackett: Mogul Recon is a sci-fi stealth game about technology moguls creating a two-tier society by cheating death. In it, citizen investigators struggle to stop an ailing technology mogul who is about to upload his mind, robotise his body, and put himself beyond any social or political control.

Kerinne Jenkins: The Divide. A multi-platform speculative fiction about a future world where the dying planet we know as earth has been split in two and the idea of what makes us truly ‘safe’ is a difficult proposition to answer.

Brianna O'Donohue: Elephant in the Room is a multiplatform, modern day playful cheeky urban comedy about the battle between exposing the truth and the desire to suppress it at all costs.

Alicia Walsh & Steve Rodgers: P&C. A multiplatform television, web series and interactive comedy project about the grand, noble and not-so-grand-or-noble aspirations of an inner-city public school's Parents & Citizens Association.

Steve Worland & Rhett Walton: The Blue Mist If Superman is the hero we hope is out there, The Blue Mist is the hero we hope is inside us.

Chris Phillips & Chris Burke: CatGod When Adam Eckman commits suicide he's surprised to find himself in heaven where he discovers that God is a cat. CatGod offers Adam a chance to get his life back. All he has to do is take the lives of nine others. Can Adam do what it takes or will he fail and be turned into a chicken?