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Energy tips for your coronavirus quarantine

Going to the movies, meeting with friends, or a family party… Unfortunately, for the time being, this coronavirus crisis has put a halt on all of that. The message is loud and clear: stay at home! Energuide is combining usefulness with pleasure and wants to give your quarantine a positive spin! We’ve got lots of tips & tricks, handy infographics, thematic dossiers, and energy trivia for you.

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Say yes to energy-efficient computer use!

The coronavirus crisis forces everyone to stay at home. And so we spend hours in front of the computer, either for work or for school. But did you know that this has a big impact on the environment, not to mention on your wallet? Learn how to save energy and make the best choices when buying a new device.

Tips for energy-efficient computer use
How to save energy while teleworking?

Switch to a different energy supplier

Too complicated or too much of a hassle right now? Enough with those excuses. Use your time in confinement to compare energy suppliers. If you do it right, you can save up to €300 a year in some cases. You read that right! Hmm, maybe you should consider it…

When and how can I change energy supplier?

Find the energy guzzlers in your home

You can always cut back on your energy bills. That’s right! This is the perfect time to take the bull by the horns. Try to find the energy guzzlers in your house. Gotcha!

Tips to save on lighting
Read our heating dossier
Discover the energy consumption of household appliances

Learn more about energy

There’s always something to discover. Common electricity or gas facts? So far, so good. Or so it seems. But once the numbers come into play, you tend to lose the plot. So, let’s have another look at the basics.

What do watt and kWh mean?
How is gas consumption calculated?

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