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David Morgan-Hewitt's Modern Manners - Being in the English Countryside

Being in the English Countryside

It is all rather different in the countryside to being in London or other large cities. Here in London we tend to be very wary of other people as we go about our daily tasks. We mostly avoid eye contact and rarely talk to strangers – unless we are a tourist or up from the country.


In the country it is usual to greet people you pass or bump into on the paths or pavements. Eye contact is much more prevalent and indeed encouraged. It is all, frankly, much more well mannered.


When on a long walk using the public footpaths do remember to leave the gates as you find them. Normally this will mean you should close a gate behind you. Leaving it open will probably lead to livestock getting out onto the roads and into neighbouring fields.


If you are walking down a country lane (which is also used by traffic) walk on the side facing the oncoming cars so they can see you and you can see them. You do not want traffic coming up from behind you. Remember in England we drive on the left hand side of the road. So you need to walk on the right hand side.


When driving in the country, progress can be slow. Think of it as a chance to enjoy the views – give in to the pace and peace of the countryside. Always go very slowly around horses who may be using the road as well. The rider will always acknowledge this courtesy.


Remember the countryside is a courteous place. That's why I love it!

David Morgan-Hewitt's Modern Manners - Being in the English Countryside

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