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The All-Seeing Eye - Fall 2016

The exciting news over here is the evolution of WorldViewer. Our Unity-based platform started life as a way to view NOAA's Science on a Sphere content in a dome. Since then it's evolved into a dynamic media mashup tool for all sorts of displays - domes, panoramas, globes and more.  WorldViewer is a versatile tool, used by a broad range of our clients - from museums and planetariums, to VR creators, to large-scale custom installations like the new multi-projector Cyclorama. WorldViewer makes it easy to build custom interactive content and creative user interfaces - from touchscreens to Kinect and more. 

 Drop us a line for more info. And if you're headed to ASTC this week, let us know!

Cyclorama at Virginia Tech

VA Tech's Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology

Up to 60 people at a time can experience VR content together inside the Cyclorama's 32' custom-built screen, lit by four edge-blended OmniFocus projection systems for 44,000 lumens total. The system debuted a new iteration of WorldViewer for a combined 8K active stereo Cyclorama, supporting both stereoscopic and non-stereoscopic video content from 360 video rigs, 3D animation, and real-time game engines.

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

In their new GeoDome Theater, the museum's first live planetarium show, Giant Leaps: Exploration in the Space Age, follows the story of space exploration. The Theater's open design allows all visitors to experience the wonders of the universe, regardless of mobility issues. The museum also upgraded their 6' Magic Planet digital globe with NASA JPL's Eyes on the Earth and a dual-projector OmniFocus projection system. At 12,000 lumens, it's bright enough to see across the museum. 

Aspen Ideas Festival

The Eye at the Aspen Ideas Festival

Inside a geodesic dome built by Buckminster Fuller himself, we created a custom 34' dome with an OmniFocus projection system. 2016 marks the third year the Worldviews Network have used WorldViewer to create live presentations using a range of media: underwater surveys of coral reefs, satellite imagery, climate models, and new observational technology from NGOs and citizen scientists, to name a few.


GeoDome Panorama at Obscura Digital

We’ve known the fine folks at Obscura for years, and we’re thrilled that a GeoDome Panorama - like the ones at CMOM and SESE - is currently placed among the many amazing exhibits in their San Francisco showroom. It will be running alongside a curated selection of groundbreaking, immersive VR experiences from independent artists at the Kaleidoscope VR Showcase on Friday, September 30.