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September 2020

Have you been counted?

The 2020 Census is much more than just a headcount. It provides a picture of our nation and our local community and helps determine, among other things, where the hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are distributed.

That federal funding provides towns like Juno Beach with a variety of quality of life services including law enforcement, new roads, schools, healthcare and public transportation.

The money is per person, per year, for the next 10 years!!

The 2020 Census will complete on September 30th and it's important that everyone in Juno Beach participates... and is counted. Your responses are completely confidential and not shared with anyone. And for the first time you can complete your Census online, by phone or by mail. WiFi and computers are available at the Town Hall for your use if necessary.

Help ensure Juno Beach gets its fair share of federal funds.

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The core tenets of the Juno Beach Police Foundation are to help ensure that our Police Officers have the necessary equipment, the best in-service training and the latest technology in order to do their job and keep our community safe.

Research has shown that in order to be able to react appropriately in an active shooter situation, Officers need to participate in repetitive, situation-based firearms training often referred to as “shoot, don’t shoot” scenarios. This is different and apart from their standard range qualification that they do on a regular basis.

Simulator training creates scenarios where Officers are forced to make split second judgement decisions in circumstances that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving. Lack of training is a serious issue for the law enforcement officer, the community, and for potential victims of crime. In addition, courts often view communities that fail to provide adequate training as “deliberately indifferent” to the need for more training on the use of deadly force.

Simulator To help reduce the chance of unintended injuries or death related to firearms use by our Juno Beach Police Officers, the Police Foundation will fund the purchase of a $12,000 DART Firearms Training platform that will allow our Officers to effectively practice firearm precision and skills without the risk, expense, or logistical problems of a live-fire range.

By providing access to a safe, digital range within the police department, our Officers will be able to practice skills and techniques not generally available to them. Simulator training will also reduce the chance of unintended use of firearms by Police Officers and lower the chances of social unrest in Juno Beach due to the use of deadly force by our Police Officers.

The DART Firearms laser-based simulator will provide the Juno Beach Police Department with yet another Quality of Life tool to enhance the strong police/community partnership that exists in our Town.



Detective Coppin of our Juno Beach Police Department recently arrested a home health care aide on charges of aggravated identity theft and fraudulent use of unauthorized access devices.

According to the allegations in the criminal complaint, the home health aide gained access to her elderly clients social security numbers, dates of birth, bank accounts, credit cards, and other information and allegedly used the information, without the knowledge of these elderly clients, to steal money from bank accounts, pay her mobile phone bill and send money to a prison inmate, among other things.

The FBI, the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and the Juno Beach Police Department all worked together on the investigation and arrest.

Further details are available in the Juno Beach Police Department's Media Release or by contacting Major Paul Fertig, JBPD.


Unfortunately, the ever popular “Coffee With A Cop” program that has taken place on the first Wednesday of every month continues to be temporarily halted. The monthly event, sponsored by the Town of Juno Beach, will hopefully resume soon.


The event typically brings out a large crowd of residents, business owners and interested parties to meet Chief of Police Brian Smith and many of his Officers and Volunteers.

The Chief updates the participants on recent crime statistics as well as areas of concern and answers the many questions that the attendees have. We hope to see this program restart in the not too distant future.

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