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March 2016 — Lower Mainland Edition

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Say "Hello!" to our Modo Ambassadors

How many times has a friend asked you, "How does Modo work?" While you can answer by saying Modo has the lowest rates in town or the most diverse fleet, the real question being asked is, "How does Modo work for me?"


Our Ambassadors have two things in common: They're local bloggers and proud Modo members. As Modo Ambassadors, they'll be sharing how Modo fits their lifestyle from different perspectives including travel, lifestyle, shared mobility, family fun and urban planning.


As carsharing advocates, their stories can help anyone who's considering carsharing understand how it can fit their lives and prove why Modo is the number one choice for two-way carsharing in the Lower Mainland and Victoria! The bigger and stronger our co-op gets, the better we can serve all our members.


Check out a few of their posts:

  • Adrian believes owning less leads to having more, and proves so on his lifestyle-for-minimalists blog 5kids1condo.
  • Alicia, a British lifestyle and travel writer, recently took a snowy Modo trip to Joffre Lakes with one of our new Jeep Renegades!

Are you a local blogger and interested in becoming a Modo Ambassador? We'd love to hear from you! Please send your inquiries to

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Modo Moves

Fix It with Farrell

Tips from Our Pros

Seat Sale

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Music Heals: Q&A with Andrea Matchullis

Shift and Modo

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Modo Moves

Greater Victoria
Victoria — Downtown
NEW LOCATION at Pioneer Square: We've moved our 2014 white Nissan NV 200 cargo van (#565) to 850 Broughton Street, at Quadra, in front of the garage on the corner.


Victoria — Fairfield

NEW LOCATION at Oxford & Moss: A 2016 red Kia Sedona (#759) lives on Oxford Street at the corner of Moss Street.


Victoria — Fernwood

CAR CHANGE at Ormond: We've moved the cargo van downtown, so Ormond now hosts a 2015 grey Toyota Prius C (#746).


Lower Mainland

Burnaby — Lougheed

UPGRADE at Centaurus Circle: You can now find a 2012 red Chevrolet Orlando (#442) instead of a 2007 Yaris sedan.


Richmond — City Centre

NEW LOCATION at City Centre Community Centre: Two Toyota Prius Cs — one blue (#769) and one red (#767) — now live at the corner of Firbridge Way and Minoru Boulevard, in the underground parking lot beside the community centre entrance.


Vancouver — Grandview-Woodland

LOCATION MOVE at Ace of Suedes: During construction at The Cultch, we've moved our 2013 silver Ford CMAX (#503) down the hill to the triangular lot between Commercial Drive and Commercial Diversion at Adanac Street, northeast of Ace of Suedes. Longtime Modo members might remember when we named this parking lot "Astorino's"


CAR CHANGE at CCEC Credit Union: After a few weeks' absence while the parkade gate was being repaired, we've replaced the white Nissan Versa sedan with a blue one (#376).


UPGRADE at Victoria Park: A 2016 white Kia Sedona (#766) has replaced the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan.


UPGRADE at Yanviriya: There's now a 2016 white Toyota Sienna (#768) instead of a 2012 Chevrolet Orlando.


Vancouver — Downtown

UPGRADE at Richards & Smithe: a 2016 white Honda Fit (#772) has replaced the Scion XD.  It joins the Prius C and Versa Note.


Vancouver — Killarney

NEW LOCATION at Jellicoe & Kent:  Modo has entered the River District!  A 2015 red Fiat 500 (#771) now lives in the 8500 block of Jellicoe Street, just north of Kent Avenue. We have a designated stall on the east side of the street.


NEW LOCATION at Romer's River District: Find a 2016 white Kia Soul (#770) in the parking lot at Romer's Burger Bar, 8683 Kerr Street.


Vancouver  Kitsilano

CAR CHANGE at Bayswater & W 5th: We've replaced the blue Nissan Versa Note with a 2014 blue Nissan Sentra (#539).


Vancouver  — Strathcona

CAR CHANGE at Admiral Seymour: We've replaced the blue Nissan Sentra with a 2014 blue Nissan Versa Note (#516).

Fix It with Farrell

Can't find the key? There might not be one! Several of our cars have a Push Button start switch and do not need ignition keys.


If you haven't driven one of our keyless cars yet, take a look at this month's FIWF.

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Tips from Our Pros

It's that time of year: spring cleaning!


Our Fleet Team does a fantastic job of keeping our cars neat and tidy, but they certainly appreciate help from members, too! This month, Ron's got a simple Pro Tip to keep our growing fleet showroom new.

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Seat Sale

Save 10% off your entire booking with Modo's Seat Sale!


Starting March 4 and ending March 24. 


Vancouver, Fairview 

  • Fairview Village — a 2013 blue Nissan Versa Sedan (#436)

Vancouver, Grandview-Woodland

  • CCEC Credit Union — a 2012 blue Nissan Versa Sedan (#376)

Victoria, Oak Bay

  • Oak Bay Library — a 2013 red Nissan Sentra (#416)

Note: Any bookings at these specific locations during the Seat Sale period will automatically have the discount applied.

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Quick Poll

When you book a Modo, do you check the Vehicle Notes? 


Take our Quick Poll and share your Vehicles Notes feedback.

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Music Heals: Q&A with Andrea Matchullis

Modo has partnered with the charity Music Heals for the Canada Running Series Modo Spring Run-Off 8k to support local music therapy at the Dr. Peter Centre.


We spoke to Andrea Matchullis, resident music therapist at the Dr. Peter Centre in Vancouver`s West End, to learn more about this unique form of therapy and the impact music can have on patients.


Thanks to all our members who participated, together we brought another 16 iPods to the program - and you can still donate your mp3 players!

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Shift and Modo

Shift Delivery and Modo have teamed up for a Co-op collaboration: Deliveries by EV.


One of Modo's Nissan Leaf EVs supports Shift's fleet of trikes so their team of "Shifties" can deliver larger orders and stay true to their sustainable transportation mission. Read more.

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On the Blog

>> MUSIC HEALS  Support music therapy by donating your used mp3 player! Drop it off at the Modo office or any Modo car. Here's how it works


>> SEYMOUR SPOTS  We've added two additional parking stalls at Mt. Seymour for back country use, right at the top of lot P5. That makes six in total!


>> MUSEUM PERK  For the duration of the "Future Home" exhibition, members can park their Modo for free at two designated spots in the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) parking lot at 1100 Chestnut Street, generously offered by EasyPark. (Offer ends May 15)


>> PROMOTION  Opening a new credit union account? You could get up to $200 Modo driving credits! More


>> DRIVING RECORDS  If your family or friends want to join Modo, they can now request their driver's abstract, insurance and claims history record online


>> SHARING ECONOMY PANEL  Modo is hosting a LOCO Business Mixer on April 5th (see Community Calendar), including a Sharing Economy Panel. Join the discussion!

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Community Calendar

April 5th — LOCO BC First Tuesday Mixer

The third local business mixer of the year will be hosted by Modo (yay!) at our Vancouver office, 200–470 Granville Street. RSVP


March 20th — Modo Spring Run-Off 8k, Vancouver

There's still time to register for the Modo 8k! Use the promo code MODO8K-MEMBER and get a 20% discount! 

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