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Welcome - Issue 6

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The new digital economy: driving change (Part 2)

By Karolyn Hart

In the time before automobiles ruled the earth, the horse and buggy were the kings of the road. At the turn of the century between 100,000 and 200,000 horses lived in New York City alone. If you needed something pushed, pulled, or had a desire to travel there was a horse involved. As you can imagine, an entire economy literally existed on the back of horses. From wagon makers, to parts makers, to horse breeders, to stables that serviced the animals – it was a thriving economy that was not without challenges. In fact in 1896, delegates gathered in New York City to discuss the issue of horse pollution. Horses were beginning to outnumber humans and their waste was creating severe public health issues. Many during that era could never imagine a time where there would not be a need for horses. That all changed when technology introduced the “automobile” and the world as we know it changed.

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The changing face of rural economic development

rural economic development

By Jeff Dixon

Since 2007, The Monieson Centre at Queen’s School of Business has been working with rural communities across Ontario to support economic development initiatives.  Central to this process has been two series of Discovery Workshops – community-centric events designed to build collaboration between academics and rural businesses.

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Where, oh where, are the best examples of bountiful place/destination/nation branding?

 destination branding, nation branding, place branding

By Michael Haywood

In the struggle to communicate a distinct identity, amplify and activate consumer interest, more and more communities are jumping onto the brand bandwagon.  Unfortunately, too many have expectations  based on a leap of faith, hoping that brand articulation will correct misperceptions, act as an antidote to unstable market environments, and successfully re-position their communities.  Faced with relentless competitive intensity, continuing macroeconomic uncertainty, profound shifts in customer expectations and behavior, and the emergence of innovative and compelling communities around the world, however, communities are being encouraged to step up their branding game through more focused execution.

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Could rural sourcing really work?

Beautiful rural suburbs

By Robyn Spencer

Many small towns have looked with envy at cities transforming their economies on the back of the IT sector. With their hot young entrepreneurs and lifestyle oriented workplaces (think ski-days and craft beer on tap), not to mention the dollars, it’s easy to see why.

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Review: Startup Communities

By Lauren Millier

Much has been written about the impact of entrepreneurship on local and global economies. In fact, when many traditional and well established jobs began to disappear as a result of the recent financial crisis, start-ups were being created, growing and adding jobs at a record rate. It seemed that overnight governments, universities and investors became interested in initiatives that would foster and support an entrepreneurial culture. Start-up Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in your City is aimed at anyone interested in creating, building and sustaining a start-up community.

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