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What makes a good water filter?

PATH researchers spent nearly three years studying low-income families in Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Mali, and Tanzania to find out how large, durable, or even visually appealing the ideal home water filter should be. With their input, we developed an affordable filter that consumers are likely to buy and use to protect themselves from bacteria that cause diarrhea and other life-threatening illnesses.

Now, three Chinese manufacturers are selling new, low-cost filters based on PATH’s design guidelines. We’re making our guidelines freely available to stimulate more choices for consumers, encourage competitive pricing, and improve the health of people who don’t have access to safe water.




A chance to invest in women and girls. PATH’s work to bank breast milk for babies, promote “girl talk” among young migrant women, and support families facing tuberculosis (TB) is featured on the new crowdfunding website Catapult.

Cambodia’s two-in-one approach tackles diarrhea and pneumonia. With PATH’s help, Cambodia has launched a unique approach to simultaneously curb both diseases, which are responsible for 40 percent of young children’s deaths in the country. A case study provides more information.

Study results will support visceral leishmaniasis (VL) elimination in Bangladesh. PATH has completed a phase 3(b) clinical trial of an injectable antibiotic designed to safely and inexpensively treat VL, a deadly infectious disease also known as kala-azar. The findings will support efforts to register the new drug in Bangladesh and contribute to the country’s national VL elimination strategy.

Partnership explores new malaria vaccine approach. The PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and Inovio Pharmaceuticals will launch a clinical trial in 2014 to test a vaccine method that combines genetically engineered DNA with electrical impulses to elicit an immune response against malaria.

Phase 3 trial will evaluate new rotavirus vaccine in India. The Serum Institute of India Ltd. and PATH are planning to conduct a large-scale trial to study the safety and efficacy of a bovine-human reassortant vaccine candidate against rotavirus, the most common cause of severe diarrheal disease in children. Learn more about our work to develop rotavirus vaccines.

Web-based tool helps countries develop common health terms. PATH and our partners have launched a new tool for countries to create, share, and compare health language and establish common definitions and standards. The tool, called openHDD, is part of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage that helps low- and middle-income countries in Asia and Africa collaborate to expand access to health services.

Cell phones expand immunization services in China. PATH is partnering with Save the Children to increase the quality of services for children in rural Sichuan Province using mobile phone technology. Digital solutions help to strengthen communication among service providers and recipients, improve caregivers’ knowledge, increase demand for services, and protect more young children from preventable disease. A new brochure tells more about our work in China.




  Directions in Global Health


Our newest issue of Directions in Global Health highlights our work to increase access to lifesaving products for women. It includes a commentary from the head of PATH’s Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition program. Other articles cover use of orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes to improve health in Kenya, newborn hepatitis B vaccination in Vietnam, childhood TB in Tanzania, and assessment of technologies to reduce maternal deaths.

The December issue of Outlook explores eHealth, mHealth, and other ways new information technologies can improve reproductive health services in low-resource settings.

A brochure and case study describe PATH’s approach to monitoring and evaluating our work.

A brochure outlines PATH's work in India to address a range of health problems while leveraging the country’s growing capacity to innovate and contribute to global health solutions.

New content on our website highlights the successes of the 11-year Global Campaign for Microbicides.

A case study shows how, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the PATH-led DRC Integrated HIV/AIDS Project (ProVIC) is engaging “champion communities” to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

A fact sheet summarizes PATH’s project to develop non-replicating rotavirus vaccines, which would provide developing countries with more options for preventing the disease.




Mercury treaty protects vaccine access. Government delegates have agreed to safeguard access to vaccines containing the preservative thiomersal under a new global treaty on mercury. PATH coordinated the advocacy effort with global health experts and civil-society groups to ensure the treaty protects the many common lifesaving vaccines that contain thiomersal.

PATH debuts strategic advocacy workshop. PATH has created a three-day curriculum to help developing-country health implementers and others strengthen their advocacy capacity. Based on a ten-part framework, the curriculum focuses on assessing policy options and making strategic decisions about goals and activities. It can be applied to numerous settings to develop advocacy strategies for health and development issues. Contact for more information.




Dr. Anurag Mairal is the new leader of our Technology Solutions program. He replaces Dr. Michael Free, who retired in December.

Helen McGuire is PATH’s new director of noncommunicable diseases, a newly created position.


MenAfriVac is a registered trademark of Serum Institute of India Ltd.


February 2013







Dr. Raj Shankar Ghosh, technical director of PATH's India country program, receives the Indian Public Health Association's Honorary Fellowship award for his contributions to public health.

Dr. Vu Minh Huong, the leader of PATH’s immunization work in Vietnam, is awarded the Vietnam Ministry of Health’s Medal for People’s Health for his work to improve children’s lives.

Chief Information Officer Erik Arnold is named Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2012 best nonprofit technology executive.

Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation in Kenya earns top honors for its media campaign.

PATH’s low-cost vaccine carrier liner made from phase-change material is voted a top 2012 technology breakthrough by SciDev.Net.




World Vaccine Congress & Expo
Washington, DC
April 16–18

Women Deliver 2013
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 28–30




AllAfrica writes about how PATH and Zambia are tracking and treating malaria.

National Geographic reports on the MenAfriVac® meningitis vaccine breaking the cold chain barrier.

A Seattle Times editorial discusses how cutting foreign aid could affect the work of PATH and other organizations.

PATH’s in-house laboratory is featured in IAVI Report.




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