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IDF Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network (IDF-PDGN)

May 2015 Newsletter

Diabetes takes place on global stage

Great leadership from Parliamentarians around the world is propelling diabetes onto centre stage. Members have all been active advocates in the call for Global Action in the challenge to stem the rising number of people with diabetes and to improve treatment and care.

The Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network has been recruiting new members from different legislatures and now has 150 members from 41 countries. The Parliamentary Champions Forum, to be held in Vancouver on 28 – 30 November 2015 provides an opportunity for Members of Parliament committed to diabetes prevention, to share knowledge and experience in effective policy approaches to assist all people living in their communities with diabetes.

382 million people in the world have diabetes and that number is expected to rise to 592 million by 2035.

Save the Date for the Parliamentary Champions Forum 28 – 30 November 2015

Global Call to Action on Diabetes in Malta

In the picture seen from the left are: Moira Grixti, Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil, Malta Diabetes Association President Anna Zammit McKeon, IDF president Sir Michael Hirst, IDF vice president Chris Delicata and the working group’s chairman Godfrey Farrugia


President of the International Diabetes Federation, Sir Michael Hirst addressed the Maltese Diabetes Working Group in the House of Representatives at the Palace, Valetta.

The Working Group called for their government to establish a National Plan. A draft National Plan has now been published and the Working Group has been asked to provide input on how they would like to see it strengthened.

Impressed with the Working Group’s achievements over a short period of time, Sir Michael said:

I hope the committee can continue in its fast progress, as it is within committees like this, where parliamentarians cooperate with those who have first-hand experience of diabetes, that true results can be achieved”.

Vice President of the PDGN, The Hon Dr Simon Busuttil MP paid tribute to the Committee chair Dr Godfrey Farrugia MP for his direction, ensuring the true bi-partisan nature of the committee and its success.

Dr Farrugia said the Committee was on the verge of delivering on its objectives to provide analysis of policy framework, determine better pathways and screening of diabetes and having research based on policies of what is feasible and what resources are needed.





IDF President Elect Dr Shaukat Sadikot and the Hon Judi Moylan – Global Coordinator of the IDF-Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network participating in the Diabetes Forum

Photo Courtesy of Adrian Haddad



The World Innovation Summit for Health was held in Doha, Qatar from the 17-18 February 2015.

President of the Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network, Mr Adrian Sanders and the Global Coordinator the Hon Judi Moylan, both attended the Forum. Judi Moylan was a member of the Diabetes Forum, chaired by Professor Stephen Colagiuri, Professor of Metabolic Health, Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition & Exercise, University of Sydney, participated in a panel discussion at the WISH Forum on Diabetes.

The Report of the WISH Diabetes Forum “Rising to the Challenge – Preventing and Managing Type 2 Diabetes” (the Report) can be accessed at http://http://goo.gl/Al3qXg.

The Report designed to “help policy makers rise to the challenge” to better manage diabetes and its complications, includes valuable case studies.

It is now known that at a global level, type 2 diabetes is one of the major challenges facing policymakers today. The statistics of rising prevalence and the associated health and economic impact are staggering.

The Report proposes three key policy goals:

1. Improve disease management for people with diabetes to reduce complication rates

2. Establish effective surveillance to identify and support those at risk of type 2 diabetes

3. Introduce a range of interventions that help to create an environment focused on prevention

Parliamentary Champion in Russia leads the way


"We are delighted to welcome Mr Sergei Mironov from Russia to the Network” Adrian Sanders, PDGN President



In the picture Sergei Mironov – Deputy of the State Duma 2011

In 2003 Mr Mironov, Chairman of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS, which included Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, established a working group of deputies, representatives of the CIS countries. The group was established to develop a legal basis on diabetes in member states.

In 2004 the Model Law “On the basis of medical and social protection of CIS citizens with diabetes” was adopted and signed by heads of parliaments of all states-members of CIS.

In 2008 in Kishinev, Moldova, the Agreement about collaboration of states-members of CIS in fighting against the growth of diabetes prevalence was signed by heads of government of CIS.

At present, the IPA CIS is discussing the 2016-2020 Plan for the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus