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Almost every region in the world is experiencing an increase in measles cases, which is putting people’s lives at risk. This is in part down to misinformation about vaccines on social media. But as Sarah Pitt sets out, there’s also the fact that stories of these terrible diseases have long been forgotten. To tackle the latest epidemics, people need to start understanding how badly viral infections affected people in the past.

A century-old trade dispute between Japan and South Korea has flared up again and could threaten the world’s supply of smartphones. As Pushan Dutt explains, Japan has officially removed South Korea from its list of trusted trade partners that receive preferential treatment for importing sensitive Japanese-made goods. The list of goods includes chemicals that are crucial to producing the semiconductor memory chips found in most modern electronic devices.

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Measles epidemic: parents reluctant to vaccinate their children need to hear of the horrors of forgotten diseases

Sarah Pitt, University of Brighton

It's not just measles you need to worry about.

EPA-EFE/Jeon Heon-Kyun

How a century-old dispute between Japan and South Korea threatens the global supply of smartphones

Pushan Dutt, INSEAD

Historical grievances, domestic politics, the US-China trade war and a looming global recession are all at play.

Science + Technology

What patents and publications reveal about China-Africa science collaboration

Swapan Kumar Patra, Tshwane University of Technology; Mammo Muchie, Tshwane University of Technology

We wanted to investigate how the People's Republic of China and countries in Africa work together in science and technology.

‘Gay gene’ search reveals not one but many – and no way to predict sexuality

Brendan Zietsch, The University of Queensland

The largest study of its kind - comparing the genetic sequences of almost half a million people - has revealed many different parts of our genetic code that seem to influence same-sex sexual behaviour.

Health + Medicine

Blood tests for Alzheimer’s: Two experts on why new studies are encouraging

Todd Golde, University of Florida; Steven DeKosky, University of Florida

Alzheimer's is one of the most dreaded and difficult diseases, and it has been notoriously difficult to diagnose. Could that change in the coming years with the advent of new blood tests?

Taking opioids for chronic pain: here’s what the experts recommend

Lesley Colvin, University of Dundee; Blair H. Smith, University of Dundee

Advice from the people who've reviewed all the latest evidence about the effectiveness of these painkillers.

En français

Indice d’égalité professionnelle, un (petit) pas vers la convergence salariale hommes-femmes

Clotilde Coron, IAE Paris – Sorbonne Business School

Si la méthode de calcul proposée par le gouvernement permet désormais les comparaisons interentreprises, elle exclut certaines formes d’inégalités.

Connaissez-vous la naloxone, puissant antidote aux overdoses d’opioïdes ?

Nicolas Authier, Université Clermont Auvergne

Alors que la crise des opio̤ïdes menace l’Europe, la solution pourrait se trouver du côté de la naloxone, puissant antidote aux opiacées.

En español

El corazón de África está en llamas (pero el verdadero problema es la sequía)

Víctor Resco de Dios, Universitat de Lleida

La principal amenaza para el bosque tropical de la cuenca del Congo no son los incendios ni la deforestación, sino el cambio climático.

¿Quiénes son los grandes escritores africanos y por qué no los conocemos?

Juan Miguel Zarandona Fernández, Universidad de Valladolid

A pesar de la proximidad geográfica, las referencias culturales que tenemos en España del continente africano, en especial de la llamado África subsahariana, son escasas.