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Turn Your Message into a Sketch Poster


These days, when you can email, blog, tweet, insta, GIF, or Periscope, you might find yourself asking:

"What’s so good about a poster?"

Here's why: a poster's very reason for existence is to say "Look at me, look at me!"

A sharp image, some pointed text, a pithy tag line, all laid out in a nice visual arrangement is a great way to get people to absorb and retain information. The clearer you can be with your message, the more likely it is someone will remember it.

Less words. More wow! 

Posters deliver a concise, cost-effective, visual message and have a life physically and virtually.

There are certain fields where posters give you even more bang for your buck: academic and public health practitioners have long appreciated the power of the poster.

But don’t take our word for it—there’s evidence: check out the article “Scientifically proven: The effectiveness of posters”

Of course, we make posters too! From a live talk, from a great brief, or to accompany your video.

Get in touch today to find out how we can take your complex message and turn it into your very own sketch poster.

Featured Video: Bus Victoria

We’ve had a great time recently working with Bus Association Victoria and Transport Safety Victoria on a series of videos highlighting the importance of bus safety. We made five short videos on individual topics, which we combined into a longer one that showcased all the messages.

It was a collaborative, dynamic process and we’re so happy with the result.

The client was pretty happy too:

“We chose Sketch Videos for Bus Safety Week as we saw it could provide something different to the regular corporate training video. The team at Sketch Videos took our brief and brought it to life with creative copy and characters to match our themes. The production process was seamless and came in ahead of our tight deadline. We've had fantastic feedback on the video from industry stakeholders and would recommend Sketch Videos as a very effective way to get your message across to your target audience.”

We also helped them out with high resolution images for use as signage.


Could your organisation benefit from a similar video? We'd love to help you get your message out there. Get in touch!


How to make a Video that Doesn't Date.

Now, we don't mean doesn't date in the sense that it doesn’t go out and just sits at home alone eating chips on the sofa and watching Four Weddings and A Funeral over and over again.

We’re talking about making a video that’s a classic; that’s not going to be obsolete by the end of the year. The trick is to take out the people, but still keep it human.

You see, people change jobs. Staff come and go; rise and fall.

Are they the ghostly faces you want representing your brand when they’ve moved on to another business? Probably not.

By being personable but not person-identifable, you can keep your message current for much longer.

By say, using a sketch video, so that your images are universal, not specific. And your voice is every person, not the one who just left the building.

It’s smart, it saves making changes to a good product for no good reason, and it makes good business sense.


Have you heard about our Special Winter Offer?

For the cold months of winter, you can get a creative, bespoke illustration about your work personally designed to allow your clients to colour you in?

It can be as simple as a page you email for people to print out and pencil in over a glass of red.

Or a mini colouring book, showing off your products, that has clients putting their hand-out for your hand-outs.

Or even a fancy hard-cover book to help your workers de-stress and help clients commit.

Colouring In is the new Going Out.

And for the entire 3 months of winter cold, if you arrange a Sketch Video Colouring In mini-book or hard-cover, we’ll throw in ten packs of mini-pencils to help Colour Your World.


Doodle A Day 

Now, I never said I doodle every day.

I do it when the mood takes. And when my cat is looking particularly fetching.

Doodle a day

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Until next time, keep warm ...