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Inclusion WA's Professional Development Newsletter
January 2015
Hello Everyone

Hot off the press are our first 2015 workshop dates.. make sure you book in directly on our website.

21st Jan - Professional Boundaries (PLACES STILL AVAILABLE)

This workshop explores the nature of boundaries through interactive open discussion and reflective learning practices. Participants will explore existing boundaries between themselves in their support worker role, and the individuals they work for. We will then explore the necessary steps to prevent boundary violations.
This is a topic that asks participants to define what a good “working relationship” is, and how it differs from being a “friend” of the people we are paid to support.

3rd Feb - Introduction to Disability & Inclusion

This is a workshop designed to introduce the fundamentals of inclusion whilst providing a background on what disabilities are and how we can work better to include people with disabilities.

Topics covered:

Disability awareness – including information on disability and relevant statistics
Exploring the political correctness minefield – strategies to overcome those uncomfortable “foot in mouth” situations
Strategies for comfortable and appropriate communication with people with disabilities
Uncovering prevalent community attitudes to disability
The inclusion spectrum – how to apply inclusion theory in the work you do, through adapting and modifying the activity or the environment for the person

17th Feb - Community Inclusion

Our flagship workshop. 

This workshop relies on drawing parallels.  You will think about a good life in the context of community, drawing from your uniquely human experience to consider the way connections with others are made and enhanced. This same thinking will then be analysed based on what we know about the people we support.

This workshop will encourage you to think about your version of a fulfilling life, and relate that to what others may see as a rich life for themselves. The entire premise of this workshop is about exploring the richness of life and the ways we can support others to share in that richness.

2014 RECAP

As we start off our new year, we look back at 2014 and at the many people that have participated in our workshops, reflecting with the old Chinese proverb “My greatest teacher is my student”. Each and every participant has not only shared their stories of success and challenges, but also solutions, innovation, and hope. Something which we can all never have enough of.

2014 had seen Inclusion WA’s Professional Development service work with Local Governments and Not-For-Profit organisations from Perth to Sydney NSW, Margaret River, Mandurah, Esperance, Northam, and more!
We go wherever we are needed, to ensure that communities and staff are doing all they can to connect people to each other.


Remember, we specialise in tailoring our workshops to suit YOUR ORGANISATION to get the most out of the people you work with.
- Community Inclusion
- Community Development
- Disability Awareness
- Professional Boundaries

These workshops have generated great feedback from attendees and line-managers in shifting thinking and culture within workplaces to help you reach your outcomes, retain staff, be creative in your job, and learn to “work smarter, not harder”.

“Wilton Kerr is a really inclusive facilitator.. which is rather apt given the topic! He allowed us to question and challenge the cultural complexities we face when trying to do the ‘right’ or ‘correct’ thing – which is actually really difficult when we find ourselves trying to keep up with the constant changes in ‘PC-ness’.. and it is good for me to think critically too, because it helps us to properly engage in the session.”
Shire of Augusta/Margaret River.


Inclusion WA consulted on the very successful local government project “My Life, My Place” by the Town of Victoria Park. This is an inclusive initiative which profiled 7 local Victoria Park residents, (most of them living with disability), showcasing their unique stories, strengths, and passions. The Town of Victoria Park understood that in order to make an inclusive community, everyone had to be treated equally as empowered individuals, instead of focusing on just needs and challenges.
Portraits and documentaries were displayed around the area, showing residents and visitors that our community is filled with regular people, each with their own differences and backgrounds, and that everyone can be included into community.
Check it out here..

Get in contact with us to see how we can assist in making your project more inclusive, benefiting from the social capital gains that come from everyone connecting as one community.

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