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How long has it been since you came down to Kensington Market?

Get down here and head to nook to check out some original work, objects and goodies for your friends and family this holiday season!

Here are some samples of what you can look forward to...


Prints & bags by Katy Dockrill

Letterpress cards & stationary from Betty & Bing

Cards, mini shadow boxes and prints by Tracy Walker

Papergoods by Sandra Dionisi

Spirits by Aaron Leighton

Textiles & Paper Ephemera by Kyle Reed and Jen Hsieh

Get Your Holiday Shopping Done in One Shot!

There's a little something for everyone's budget at the sale, so beat the stress of last minute shopping and horrible mall-blahs by finding your way to nook.

Original work, traditional printing, precious little objects and in small quantities - don't miss your chance to pick up something a little out of the ordinary.




Be in the good books and buy at nook!

Artists Include:

Katy Dockrill
Aaron Leighton
Sandra Dionisi
Shelley van Benschop
Kathryn Adams
Jen Hsieh
Kyle Reed
Courtney Wotherspoon
Julia Breckenreid
Steve Wilson
Micheline Courtemanche
▪ Karen Becker
Tracy Walker
Thom Sevalrud
Rob Collinet
Carey Sookocheff
Shelley Savor

We're in good company!

Our pals at Kid Icarus are putting on a sale for one day only - so be sure to stop by there as well at St. Stephen-In-The-Fields at 103 Bellevue, this Saturday only.