Oxfam Policy & Practice News February 2016
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International Women's Day 2016


To mark International Women's Day we've set up a special site showcasing our work on gender justice, including resources to download, blog posts, unpaid care case studies, and the Sustainable Development Goals issue of the Gender & Development journal.

Here's a round up. 

Best wishes,

Amy Moran and Catherine Meredith
Oxfam Policy & Practice 


Gender resources


Blog posts


Not one more: ending femicide in Honduras


Are the sustainable development goals good for women? 


Women leading the way in economic empowerment in agriculture


South Sudan: a battle of the sexes


Social change for and by young women


Women, peace and security in the Middle East 


Gender and the SDGs


The Sustainable Development Goals should offer an entry point to movements fighting for rights and social justice, including women’s movements, and all those involved in fighting economic inequality and poverty, but will they? The articles in this issue of G&D offer analysis from a range of prominent women’s rights activists and advocates – many of whom have been involved in the creation of Agenda 2030 and the SDGs.


Unpaid care case studies

WE-CARE supports women’s empowerment by addressing excessive and unequal care work. These case studies highlight the impact of the WE-Care project in Northern Uganda which provides training and time saving equipment to families. 


I will use my leadership skills to do more


Happy wife - happy life