Advertising Standards Bureau - Ad Standards Bulletin (Recent News)

Issue 86. April 2017.

A completely different beast

The Board has dismissed an animal cruelty complaint against a vehicle advertisement which depicted a car driving alongside computer-generated wildebeest.

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Board keeps abreast of complaints

The Board has upheld a cosmetic centre advertisement for suggesting that women’s breasts are comparable to cow udders, while dismissing complaints about images of women on a plastic surgery website.

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Metaphors and frustration aren’t violence

An advertisement which featured a woman breaking a window as a metaphor for breaking silence and another which depicted a woman hitting a vending machine in frustration were seen by the Board as not showing violent behaviour.

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CEO to attend international advertising event

Ad Standards CEO Fiona Jolly will attend the annual European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) Annual General Meeting in Athens next month.

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