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Turkey Emergency Shelter - Situation Report #3 - April 11, 2023

Driving around Adiyaman, Turkey, you see a city greatly impacted by the earthquake.  Multi-storied concrete buildings—some 10 stories high—now crumbled and pancaked togther. Others are leaning to one side, or have sustained enough damage to deem them unsafe to approach or inhabit.

One survivor described that morning's earthquake and the reality now: "It was dark.  Everyone was running, trying to get out of their homes.  And now we cannot return to them.  Instead, many of us are living in government-provided tents or we sleep outside in the open air.  We have nowhere else to go.  We can't go home."

Hope Force Continues Providing Hope Through Emergency Shelters

While surveying another site in the city, we were approached by a woman who shared that the rubble we were looking at was once her apartment building.  Though she got out safely, 30 others died in it that night — including her 30-year old daughter and her two granddaughters.

HFI team members share that after two months, the landscape is quickly changing.  Buildings are being torn down and the debris trucked out; in its place, tent cities are being erected.  Shelters are going up, providing housing for survivors — but the need for more is great.

In light of the need, Hope Force will deploy teams at least through the end of May.  As we look toward these future teams, we ask if you would prayerfully consider partnering with us financially.  The response so far has been incredibly generous, and we are so grateful.  As a result, and in collaboration with local partners, Hope Force International has provided more than 100 shelters.  Many, many more are needed and with your help, we hope to provide at least 100 more, as each shelter means another family is out of the elements and under a roof. Our driver shared a picture of his wife and 4 children in a shelter we built and stated: "Though there is great pain, this shelter brings great hope."

We’re inviting you to be a part of giving hope to people in desperate circumstances.  Your donation of any size toward this shelter project will make a meaningful difference; the shelters cost $500 USD each.  We see a huge relief on the faces of family members when we complete the last portion of the shelter as they realize they now have a place to lay their head...one that is both safe and dry!

Please continue to pray with us for the survivors of the horrific earthquake that has devastated the people of Turkey. Our prayer is that through acts of kindness and compassion, the love of Jesus will be clearly demonstrated.