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24 June 2016

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Featured in this issue



International Branch Campuses, the challenges of governance

by Paula Sanderson

University of Reading, Malaysia Registrar and COO Paula Sanderson explores the various challenges faced by IBCs, including the conflicting moral and ethical values of governance within a fundamentally different national context. Read full article.


Domestic Student Load and Financing Trends for the Deregulated Demand-Driven Australian Universities System

by Prof. Frank P. Larkins and Assoc. Prof. Ian Marshman

In this comparative analysis, Frank Larkins and Ian Marshman investigate the performance of universities in response to the uncapping of domestic undergraduate places in 2009. Read full paper.


Why the 'system' in innovation ecosystems really matters

by Prof. Leo Goedegebuure

Institute Director Leo Goedegebuure critically examines the current state of innovation in Australia, and the need for key players to work together in capitalising and further expanding our innovative ecosystems. Read full article.


Research Excellence in Australia’s Universities: The Missing Piece in the Policy Puzzle

by Prof. Alan Pettigrew

Professorial Fellow Alan Pettigrew proposes a different take on assessing research excellence as a standard for higher education.

Read full paper.

Postgraduate courses accepting mid-year applications until 1 July 2016


Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Management

Starts week of 25 July 2016

A course focusing on key skills and strategies for leading and managing in the tertiary education sector. Read more or apply today on our website.


Graduate Certificate in Research Management and Policy

Starts week of 25 July 2016

A course focusing on effectively leading and managing research and policy within tertiary education. Read more or apply today on our website.


Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance

Starts week of 25 July 2016

A course on practical approaches to designing, analysing and operating quality assurance systems within tertiary education contexts. Read more or apply today on our website.

Short programs for university leaders

Leading and Managing in Universities program

27-29 July 2016, Canberra, 28-30 September 2016, Adelaide and 23-25 November 2016, Melbourne

This program explores different elements of what a leader needs to know when implementing their institution's public mission and corporate strategy.

What some of last year's participants had to say about the program:

“A really well designed program for senior managers and leaders in higher education seeking executive level roles.”

“Loved it. Lots of conversation instigated and encouraged. Great conditions for learning, sharing and networking.”

“Format of academic and professional staff leaders combining was extraordinarily useful."

“I am more comfortable raising perhaps difficult topics with my staff, encouraging them to explore their worlds in more detail and not just end up here for the job.”

Read more or register today on our website.


Study mission on innovation eco-systems

21-30 September 2016, Italy and the Netherlands

Experience first hand the leading innovation eco-systems at two of the nominated European Innovation Cities for 2016, and gain valuable insights on how to foster innovation and effective entrepreneurial activities the university sector. Read more on our website.


Leading the University Masterclass: Understanding Canberra

17-21 October 2016, Canberra **NEW DATE**

Facilitated by leading government and university figures, this masterclass focuses on the government's operations and how to effectively influence key policy and decision making that impact higher education. Read more on our website.

2016 Service Improvement conference - speakers announced


More speakers from within and outside the sector joining this year's conference

11-12 August 2016, Brisbane

We're delighted to announce that we've confirmed additional speakers for the Conference, including Mr Dorjee Sun (pictured left), who is a serial social entrepreneur and director of Who Gives, Carbon Agro and Carbon Conservation, and Dr Simon Eassom, Global Manager of Education Solutions, IBM Smarter Cities. Read more about the conference on our website.

Online subject for further professional development

Our online single subjects are normally offered as part of our Master or Graduate Certificate courses. Participants can choose to undertake their single subject in assessed or non-assessed mode.

Below is a list of remaining subjects offered in 2016. Please refer to our website for the complete list of upcoming subjects.


Sustainable Tertiary Education Leadership and Governance

25 July - 23 October 2016

An online subject focusing on the promotion of sustainable leadership and governance practices in tertiary education. Read more or apply.


External Quality Assurance

25 July - 23 September 2016

An online subject on international approaches to quality assurance in tertiary education. Read more or apply.


Leading and Managing Research

25 July - 23 September 2016

An online subject providing an overview of the elements required in research leadership and management in an institutional setting. Read more or apply.


Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

26 September - 18 November 2016

An online subject providing an overview of policy making and funding methods for science, technology and innovation. Read more or apply.


Maintaining Quality Within Institutions

26 September - 25 November 2016

An online subject focusing on monitoring and improving the quality of processes and procedures within tertiary education institutions. Read more or apply.

LH Martin Institute community news

World-first report on university innovations

A world-first study on the innovative capabilities of the administrative functions in Australian and New Zealand universities was released today by the LH Martin Institute and the Australian Innovation Research Centre at University of Tasmania. Read full report.


Congratulations to Leanne Harrison

Current Masters of Tertiary Education Management student Leanne Harrison has co-authored a report for University Australia/ International Education Association of Australia to promote student mobility. Read more.

LH Martin Institute in the Media

Professorial Fellow Alan Pettigrew's paper on implementing a different take on research grants is featured in 'Alan Pettigrew: overhaul block grants to improve research', The Australian, 8 June 2016.


Program Director Geoff Sharrock argues 'OECD figures are not what they seem in higher education', The Conversation, 14 June 2016.


The comparative analysis conducted for the LH Martin Institute by Professor Frank Larkins and Associate Professor Ian Marshman was covered in 'Government money drives increase in domestic student enrolments', The Australian, 23 June 2016.


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